Inspiring & Relevant: Two-Day Medical Track Set for MecklerMedia’s Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo in Santa Clara

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logo4There’s going to be an awful lot to write home about for those attending the Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, CA from October 20-22. One area in particular though that should be particularly fascinating–and highly relevant–for all attending is the Medical Track portion of the agenda, which will offer two days of presentations.

It is of course extremely appropriate–almost necessary even–that the conference hosts a medical track (along with tracks regarding business, manufacturing, scanners/software, and virtual reality), considering the stunning impacts 3D printing is having on the medical industry. Each day brings a new miracle it seems–and also marks the rapid and further evolution of the technology, which seems to be outdoing itself with nearly every innovative feat.

While all of the benefits to be enjoyed in producing something like 3D printed high quality automotive or aerospace components more expediently and affordably are certainly transformative, there’s no denying that we are much more inspired by seeing 3D printed medical models and devices save young people’s lives or help in performing surgeries like that of saving a woman’s spleen–something that could not have been pulled off successfully previously. There is also a thriving volunteer movement to help supply children with 3D printed prosthetics, which we follow continually.

i3dp medicalThe medical track for the Inside 3D Printing Santa Clara show has been curated by Bunny Ellerin, who also served as Medical Track chair for the New York City show this past April.

“I am inspired by 3D printing in healthcare because it makes the idea of personalized medicine real,” Bunny Ellerin, Medical Track chair and president of NYC Health Business Leaders, told “Whether it is a surgical team printing a model of a baby’s heart to get a better idea of how to perform the surgery on her or an entrepreneur creating a sleep mask that a long-term sufferer with sleep apnea could use, 3D printing is a way to improve patient experiences and outcomes. It’s very exciting.”

This is all being discussed at the Santa Clara show, beginning on the first day with the opening presentation on ‘Metamodernism: A Design Philosophy for Medicine and Beyond,’ by Leslie Karpas, CEO of Metamason. This presentation, as an example, discusses the incredible importance of 3D printing for physicians in being able to design, customize, and produce a modern new trend of patient-specific devices such as 3D printed stents, hearing aids, and far more.


Inside 3D Printing

Also being presented on the Medical Track Agenda:

The Impact of 3D Printing on Physician Training,’ by Srinivasan Varahoor, Principal Engineer, Medtronic, Inc. Varahoor discusses how Medtronic is using 3D printing to develop models for in-house testing and physician training.

Complex Congenital Heart Disease – 3D printing is changing how we view the cardiovascular system,’ by Dr. Jon Detterich, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and Todd Pietila, Business Development Manager, Materialise. Detterich and Pietila discuss how physicians and surgeons today able to use the power of 3D printing to plan procedures, use during surgeries, educate patients and their families, as well as educating medical professionals.

3D Printing for Humanity’s Sake,’ by Elliot Kotek, Executive Director, The Not Impossible Foundation & CCO & Co-Founder, Not Impossible. Kotek discusses how items like 3D printed prosthetics can be responsible for truly making an impact in the world, along with other examples of humanitarian 3D printing applications.

Additive Manufacturing for Digital Dentistry,’ by Richard Motto, CEO & President, CAD BLU. Motto discusses an overview of digital dentistry and how 3D printing figures in, and has the potential to change the industry.

What Happens When Custom Objects Move from the Artisan to Software Engineer?’ by Jeff Huber, Founder & CEO, Standard Cyborg. Huber discusses how he is using software and 3D printing to impact the lives of 30 million amputees worldwide through more cost accessible prosthetics.

Bioprinting for Biomedical Applications,’ by Dr. James Yoo, who discusses the impacts of bioprinting and its potential for transforming the world of medicine in the creation of tissue and organs.

3D Tissue Imaging Will Revolutionize Pathology,’ by Todd Huffman, CEO of 3Scan. Huffman discusses how 3Scan is working to modernize pathology with KESM (Knife Edge Scanning Microscope), which utilizes a novel serial sectioning technique to create 3D models of tissue biology, and allows pathologists to get an extreme close-up of the 3-D structure of tissues and organ structures.

The Untold Story of how 3D Printing is Transforming Medtech,’ by Derek Mathers, Business Development Manager, Worrell, and Rich Mitchell, Manager Experimental, Stryker Instruments. Mathers and Mitchell discuss how their firms have contributed to what we now know as quadrupling (to $4.1 billion) of the 3D printing industry.

Fabrication near the Patient Bedside: Going Beyond Concept Models and into Patient Care,’ by Nikolas Albarran, Principal Engineer, Pop Up Labs. Albarran discusses how their team at MakerHealth and MakerNurse is exploring ways to make 3D printed instruments for the bedside, along with a network of prototyping centers.

santa clara

Eventgoers should leave with a whole new level of inspiration regarding 3D printing and the medical industry after hearing these presentations. Click here for more information on the entire event and pricing–remember that readers of can save 20% off registration using discount code 3DPRINT.

3D Print Week California takes place on October 19-23, 2015 at a variety of venues throughout San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

MecklerMedia (OTCQX: MECK) is the leading producer of global trade shows, conferences, and digital publications covering 3D printing, robotics, and bitcoin/blockchain. MecklerMedia produces more than 25 conferences annually, including Inside 3D Printing, Inside Bitcoins, RoboUniverse, and the 3D Print Design Show. MecklerMedia’s news sites include Inside Bitcoins News, 3D Printing Industry, and, which provide up-to-date coverage to help drive business forward.

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