Nervous System Tries New Porcelite Material: Some Troubleshooting Required, but a Beautiful End Product

As the 3D printing materials market continues to expand, one material that tends to be less talked-about is porcelain. While the material itself is ancient, it’s still very new, and…

Autodesk Offers Details on Latest Developments & Projects, Improving on 3D Printing Speed & Scale

Autodesk recently hosted an event at their San Francisco headquarters, showing off not just some new technology but expounding on updates regarding investments, a new 3D printing platform, Ember, and…

Porcelite: 3D Print with New Porcelain Resin & Then Fire & Glaze Your Ceramic Models—on Kickstarter Now

3D printing has come a long way in a very short time, with a massive surge into the mainstream. Hardware and software are becoming available to meet nearly every maker’s…

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