It’s Baaaaaack: Crowdfunding Disaster Cobblebot Launches and Then Cancels a New 3D Printer Kickstarter Campaign

I suppose, if you must credit Cobblebot with something, it is their sheer fearlessness in the face of a reputation in the 3D printing community that really couldn’t get any…

Peachy Printer Collapses After Embezzlement of $320K Kickstarter Funds to Build Co-Founder’s New House

When the Peachy Printer was launched on Kickstarter back in September 2013 it seemed almost too good to be true. Creator Rylan Grayston had designed and created a working prototype…

The $100 SLA Peachy Printer Kit is Finally Here & it’s Amazing

You may recall back in 2013, a tiny little 3D printer hit Kickstarter, priced at just $100. It was called the Peachy Printer, and this was unheard of price-wise, especially…

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