design thinking

Design for Disruption: 3D Printing Design for Installation

With 3D printing we have the ability to redesign existing parts. We can do this to get them to work in a 3D printed form, or to optimize for cost….

Aki Inomota – Think Evolution #1

This is an art analysis of a 3D printed piece done by the artist Aki Inomata. It brings out questions of humanity and our finite nature.

Dezeen Day October 30th 2019

This is a quick preview on the Dezeen conference that I will be checking out this week in London. Be sure to learn about design thinking and architecture through Dezeen Day and read more.

Coding for 3D Part 5: Parametric Design

This is an article focused on my choice of learning parametric design through this series.

Make all Things Part 4 – Expert Opinions

This is a brief informational update within the vertical garden project.

3D Print Philosopher and Innovator Francis Bitonti Shares His Ideas at WIRED 2015

Tectonic shifts in technology are not without their growing pains. 3D printing seems to have made it through its childhood, growing at an impressive rate and giving everyone sky high hopes…

Open Board Game is a Framework For 3D Printing Sophisticated, Interactive Board Games

Bryan Salt wants you to download, print and play what he calls “the world’s first 3D printed board game.” It’s called Open Board Game, and Salt, the founder and CEO…

City X – Win a 3D Printer for Your School and Design a Better City for Aliens

If I could have your attention, please, for an important announcement: “Hello, citizens of earth. Our journey from the planet couldn’t have gone any better. Though we had a few…