ben malouf

LulzBot at CES 2018: Live 3D Printing Factory, Looking Ahead to a New Year and New 3D Printers

How many 3D printers could a 3D printer 3D print if a 3D printer could 3D print 3D printers? It’s less catchy than the more familiar woodchuck-based tongue twister, but…

Open Source 3D Printing: LulzBot and IC3D Team Up for First-Ever Open Source 3D Printer Filament

Open source is an ideology important to much of the 3D printing community; the ethos is at the foundation of many companies involved in the scene from the beginning, and…

LulzBot’s Amazingly Thick 3D Printed Lithophanes Stun Crowds at 3D Print Week NY

Over the past year or so, we have really begun to see artists take 3D printing and use it to turn 2-dimensional photographs and paintings into beautiful 3D printed lithophanes….