3D Printing Gets Cheeky for April Fool’s 2018

Ah, spring. The holiday season is behind us, the world is in bloom, and we’re all thinking of the delights of the warmer months. Mother Nature isn’t the only one…

3D Printing News Briefs: April 1, 2018

On this first day of April (happy Easter!), we’re starting out 3D Printing News Briefs with a little business, before moving on to education and the results of a competition….

3D Printing World Firsts Announced Today: 3D Print with Incredible New Materials, Meet a Voice-Controlled 3D Printer

For some reason, this time of year is always rife with 3D printing announcements of an unbelievable caliber. The latest, utterly incredible 3D printing materials come center stage alongside 3D…

Sculpteo Marks the First of April With a Stunning New Invisible 3D Printing Material

These days, it seems like there’s almost nothing you can’t 3D print with. There’s electrically conductive filament, magnetic filament, filament that glows, shimmers, or smells nice. There’s a whole world of…

6D Printing Now Available, As is 3D Moon Dust Printing, Invisible Filament & 3D Printed Wine

There’s been some serious competition in the 3D printing marketplace so far this month, bringing affordable and very desirable items to the public — all via the annual vehicle of…

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