Learn How to Use OpenSCAD Software with Helpful i.materialise Tutorial and How-To Videos

If you prefer creating your own 3D models, instead of downloading and printing open-source designs, the most important aspect, when choosing your preferred 3D modeling software, is how easy the process…

i.materialise Offers Tutorial: Produce Color Scans with Microsoft Kinect & 3D Builder, Prepare for 3D Printing

Like many, if you haven’t used Microsoft Kinect or 3D Builder, you’re probably curious. While we hear about both and have probably glimpsed them in broad strokes, now we can…

Learn to Use SketchUp 3D Modeling Software in 17 Easy Steps

If you’ve been learning about 3D printing and admiring so many of the fascinating new innovations that designers of all expertise and age ranges are creating today, 3D modeling may…

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