March 12, 2019 Advanced Design for 3D Printing

Online event and one-week workshop

March 12, 2019   •   11:00am–12:30pm ET



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Course Description

Do you already have experience as a maker, designer or engineer with traditional design tools? Take your design skills further in our new workshop as we discuss advanced design programs and techniques — like animated assemblies and parametric design — that will make you a better 3D printer user.

Each session in this one-week intensive course features a deeper look into advanced design & printing principles, including applying what you’ve learned to different tools, with assignment prompts to help you create a dynamic design within just a few days.

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Program Outline

March 12, 2019

Session 1
11:00am–11:45pm ET
Session 2
11:45am–12:30pm ET

Speaker: SelfCAD

Session 1—3Developing Real Modeling Skills

During this session, you will make a step forward from basic shapes to real modeling. By joining the interactive demo in intuitive and beginner-friendly SelfCAD, you will understand the geometry and learn the sub-elements of 3D objects. We will dive into functionality, explain how to transform and modify designs using modeling tools and utilities.

mathgrrl/Dr. Laura Taalman

Mathematician and 3D Designer

Session 2—Coding/Generative Design

Using coding language to create 3D models for printing means that you can generate a multitude of options. See what tools are out there and how they are impacting the future of design in this insightful session, followed by live Q+A with the speaker.

3D Printing Weekly Crash Courses

Guest Speaker Sessions:

90 minutes of key principles, case studies, and lessons, presented in two livestream sessions with Q&A.

All live sessions will be recorded and posted in the online classroom for on-demand access.

Online Workshop:

An assignment to apply what you learn, shared in a small group workshop with feedback from an industry expert.

All live content will be recorded and posted in the online classroom for on-demand access.

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