XYZprinting Unveils Three New 3D Printers and a Robot at IFA 2015


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3dp_xyzifa_logoEver since their first Da Vinci 3D printer took home multiple industry prizes, including a CES 2014 Editors’ Choice Award, XYZprinting has continued to pump out new models of their successful, low-cost printers. In only two years the 3D printer wing of Taiwanese electronics manufacturer New Kinpo has already released five 3D printer models, including the well received Nobel 1.0 SL printer. They have quickly become one of the go-to companies for customers looking for a high-quality, low-cost starter machine. And they are not showing any signs of slowing down, especially after bringing three new 3D printers, a handheld 3D scanner and a robotics kit to this year’s IFA, Europe’s largest consumer electronics show.


The Da Vinci Junior Wifi

First up, XYZ is releasing a new and improved version of their starter 3D printer the Da Vinci Junior. When the Junior was first released it was jokingly referred to as the Easy Bake Oven of 3D printers. While its $349 price tag may make it one of the least expensive printers on the market, it wasn’t exactly a toy. With a small build volume and comparatively low print resolutions, the Junior likely (most definitely) wasn’t suited to any commercial applications, but it was still a decent printer for people new to the hobby. It was apparently also quite successful because it is getting itself an upgrade.

The Da Vinci Junior Wifi brings internet connectivity to the starter machine market, a new integrated touchscreen and an Android or iOS app that can wirelessly connect it to XYZ’s 3D design Artist Collection marketplace. The new Junior Wifi will also allow 3D models to stream wirelessly to the printer, eliminating USB sticks or cables connecting it to a computer. If the price point remains similarly low, and I see no reason why it wouldn’t, then the Junior just became an even better deal for new 3D printing hobbyists.


The XYZ 3D Food Printer.

The XYZ 3D Food Printer isn’t breaking any new ground in the food 3D printer sector, but it seems like a solid entry. It will have a sturdy metal frame and a touchscreen interface and the printer will come preloaded with a wide variety of decorations and confectionery designs. And of course users will be able to load and print their own design files as well. It will be capable of printing with any soft food material, including chocolate, sugar and fondant, and will also be able to print uniquely shaped biscuits and even a pizza crust. XYZ also promises that the list of available materials will be quickly expanding, most likely before the printer is launched.

3dp_xyzifa_proOne of the trade offs for XYZprinting’s low cost and high quality 3D printers is owners being locked into buying proprietary filaments. Technology that allows consumers to purchase an inexpensive 2D printer only capable of using specific toner cartridges is pretty common. In the 2D printer market it is often seen as a trade off, allowing for a low cost buy-in for high quality technology. But it tends to be looked down on pretty harshly when used in 3D printers, being almost universally reviled. The Da Vinci printers only manage to pull it off because their filaments are extremely affordable, clearly not an obvious cash grab, and their printers are aimed at customers new to 3D printing. But XYZ was still regularly taken to task for their chipped filament spools, and now it seems that they have finally relented.

The Da Vinci 1.0A Professional is XYZprinting’s first 3D printer that is compatible with third-party filaments and won’t require the chipped spools. The Pro will be able to use a wide range of the new advanced 3D printing materials, including higher-quality PLA and specialty filaments. Unfortunately XYZ hasn’t provided any detailed specs on the Pro, but it is a safe bet that it will at least be on par with their standard Da Vinci 1.0. The Pro will also have an aluminum print bed, WiFi connectivity and taking a page from their All-In-One printer, the Pro will include laser engraving capabilities.

3dp_xyzifa_humanoidrobotBy the far oddest sight at this year’s IFA XYZprinting booth was the introduction of a new range of robotics and humanoid robot kits. The kits are aimed squarely at entry-level robotic makers and include everything that is needed to customize the robot’s design and programming. The kits will include what XYZ promises to be easy to use, step by step assembly instructions and multiple programming options. They will also be releasing their Smart Service Robot capable of remotely turning lights on and off, locking doors and the ability to monitor a property using any smartphone or tablet.

Here is some video of XYZprinting’s new robots getting down at IFA 2015:

We’ve already written about the other exciting product unveiled, the new XYZprinting full color 3D scanner that will incorporate Intel RealSense technology. The scanner can be used either as a handheld scanner, or clipped snugly onto a tablet. It will also include file editing software that offers users the chance to edit or repair 3D scans before sending them off to be 3D printed. With a super affordable $222 price point, it was both unexpected, and a bit of a treat for makers looking for entry level 3D scanner options.3dp_xyzifa_scanner

Unfortunately the only detailed specs and prices that were available at press time were for their new 3D scanner. XYZprinting also did not provide any specific release dates for any of their new products, however the company is known for their fast turnaround so expect their new products to hit the market soon.  Discuss all tof hese latest products in the XYZprinting forum thread on


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