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ART FICIAL & Novabeans Partner to Integrate Classic Art & 3D Printing in Schools of India

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artificial3-1024x465Sometimes disruption in class can be a very positive thing. And students in India are about to find out exactly why, as art and technology are mixed in an innovative new platform that opens an exciting–and fun–world of progressive learning that not only allows for increased exposure to art, but introduces students to one of the most valuable modern skillsets they can graduate with–knowledge of 3D design and 3D printing.

Curriculums throughout India’s school system will be receiving a taste of ART FICIAL, an Italian brand and premiere platform that makes priceless art masterpieces available in an online digital catalogue. The startup, receiving high international accolades as they were chosen as the only 3D printing startup in the Top 50 at the 2015 edition of the Pioneers Festival in Vienna, has just announced a partnership with Novabeans.

Together, ART FICIAL and Novabeans will allow citizens of India access to begin purchasing classical art pieces in 3D print, but will center around focusing on the educational system in India, adding a big start to their school year as students are immersed into a new realm that both inspires and teaches.

UntitledCombining the enriching qualities of classical art and creativity with 3D printing, ART FICIAL and Novabeans are offering a program for the schools in India, developed specifically for them. ‘Powered by ART FICIAL’ will offer students a strong mixture of learning in both STEM technology as well as art, through the online database which offers a selection of classical art pieces and sculpture.

Reaching their goals together in India will be due to both the culmination of dynamic content and technological expertise, with the two teams putting their heads together specifically for the younger generation. Headquartered in both India and France, NovaBeans is a provider of advanced 3D printing solutions offering a comprehensive lineup of equipment and technology for 3D printing from 3D printers to pens, materials, and workshops.

ART FICIAL is an up and coming startup with a dedication to allowing everyone in the world access to both fine art and entry into the disruptive world of 3D printing. The world is currently taking note of them too, as they were chosen among 1,600 applicants for the Pioneers Startup Challenge, and then welcomed into the top 200 at the Pioneers Festival, covering areas such as robotics, bionics, space exploration, the future of transportation, and more. Upon winning the highest popular vote, this new startup, which is considered to be the ‘iTunes for Art,’ was selected to participate in the prestigious event at the end of last May–earning them global exposure through enormous press coverage and social media interaction.

Created by Giorgio Gori, ART FICIAL is founded on the basis that everyone should be able to reproduce art through 3D printing after customizing their own ‘art DNA’ online. In combination with Novabeans, the startup plans to teach students about the possibilities to be explored through traditional art and much more progressive means.

“This partnership with Novabeans for the Indian territory strengthens ART FICIAL’s presence within the art product market and serves to accelerate the digitalization process for the most important cultural goods, both private and public, present on the Indian territory. This partnership also represents a significant step forward in the day-to-day adoption of 3D printing and opens up amazing, new scenarios for a more immediate access to the world of the arts – a form of democratization of the arts that has never been explored before,” said Gori.

UntitledART FICIAL’s online database of classic artworks is the result of work with museums, collectors, and individuals who are philanthropists. Different histories and cultures are represented from western to Hebrew, with every sculpture scanned and 3D modeled into ‘Art DNA.’

Novabeans is currently the leader, not only in educational programs, but also functions as the ‘official distributor’ in India for 3D printing products from 3DS, Ultimaker, Pinshape, Creopop, 3Doodler and littleBits. Their team views this project as not only an educational one, but also one to expand on throughout the country in numerous capacities as they give users access to 3D prints in materials from plastic to edibles.

“As a pioneering 3D printing company in India, Novabeans always strives to bring new 3D printing services to its growing ecosystem,” said, Gaurav Loyalka, Co-founder, Novabeans. “We are proud to partner with ART FICIAL to bring a high quality 3D printing art service to India. We believe that a 3D printing art service can contribute to make India’s historical and cultural art heritage accessible to the world and make world classic art available to Indians in various color, material and sizes. We invite Indian art galleries, museums, sculptors, private collectors, designers, schools and individuals to collaborate with us to reproduce their classic art into high quality 3D model replicas as per their taste, desires and styles.”

While exploring the classical and traditional heritage of India’s art and above, users can take the opportunity to reproduce sculpture and tweak it to their own style. 3D prints are offered in sintered nylon and transparent resin. A variety of colors are available, with a list of options for customizing, to eventually include casting and metal 3D printing as well.

Discuss your thoughts on the partnership between ART FICIAL and Novabeans in the ART FICIAL & Novabeans Bring Art to Indian Schools forum over at


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