3D Model Moving Objects — xxArray 3D Capture Launches on Kickstarter


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topLogoAlthough most of us have plenty to say, our world is extremely visually based. With code and computer programs hidden in the background, technology is front and center with enormous visual allure. And today, you are dwelling in the dark ages if you aren’t involved with social media and exerting an internet presence of some sort. This usually begins with the profile picture. Most of us have had either the offhand experience of just not caring and posting any old picture, or we’ve gone to excruciating lengths to get just the perfect look (ladies?), only to change it the next week. But just when you’ve gotten the hang of capturing and using the best profile pic, along comes something even better: the xxArray 3D avatar.

Forget social media and business platforms. Would you like to star in a virtual reality sequence? A video game? Had you considered literally making yourself into a bookend? How about seeing yourself standing on a bookshelf in a perpetual meditative yoga pose? Group shot, anyone?

Coming to you from California via Alexx Henry Studios, and the BlueVishnu team, the xxArray experience is about completely transforming the way you capture yourself digitally, and has 9b26f928e15dae8a7570e764e62b08f2_originalenormous implications for 3D printed figures and statues, gaming, virtual reality, and film.

With their technology, focusing completely on the 3D scanning and 3D printing of incredibly precise and individualized figures, the BlueVishnu team has come up with a package of options for users, offering 3D options never heard of before, featuring 3D, 22 gigapixel images taken in a fraction of a second.

Not only that, this is certainly one of the most unique Kickstarter campaigns we’ve ever heard of, with rewards offering you the chance to meet them on their North American tour to have your image captured. Taking their team and inventory of over 90 cameras on the road, the campaign is making it possible for individuals all over North America to head into their digital future with personalized 3D avatars that can take any number of shapes, poses, and realities.

Working with the technological and visual arts teams from Alexx Henry Studios, the BlueVishnu team has been working on the xxArray experience for two and a half years. Created by Alexx Henry himself, the xxArray offers an incredible experience—and 3D result—that could previously only happen at Henry’s studio in Los Angeles.

“You get photographic textures that are leagues better than anything else out there,” says Henry.

The experience is completely tied in with being a Kickstarter supporter and choosing from the two different categories in their campaign, as well as choosing an add-on. Then, as Henry, says, all you have to do is show up.

“We’ve mapped out a multi-city tour bringing us to places and communities we think will be most excited about the possibilities of the xxArray,” says Henry. “Once we’re in your city, you’ll participate in an unforgettable capture experience. Over 90 cameras will capture your likeness in under a second.”

With Kickstarter support of $99, you are able to have the xxArray Base Capture Experience which also allows you access to the capture experience add-ons like the Dopplegangsta 3D Game Experience for $79 more.

3D printed add-ons, also optional and at added cost from $375 to $2495, offer incredibly creative choices like the:

  • ‘Zen Yogi’ 3D printed artisanal figure
  • ‘Kung Fu Master’ 3D printed artisanal figure
  • ‘Rappeller’ 3D printed portraits
  • ‘The Presidential’ 3D printed bust
  • 3D printed figure bookends

There are also creator and developer add-ons, offering early API access, as well as 3D printing files for your avatar.01b807d05134f199a8babd6a70578157_original

Supporters on all levels receive access to a 3D control panel that allows the “journey of the digital self” to begin. The control panel allows for control access and opt-in features using a WebGL interface.

At $159, supporters can step up to the next level with the xxArray Bespoke Body Premium Capture Experience. Those going to have their avatars made receive more help in terms of gear, hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

Prices go up as supporters pick more premium packages, with adding on people as well, from duos to a full group.

The next step is to attend one of the listed stops on the xxArray 3D Capture Tour:811062c08b73fe26c43e1e5c89ed89ef_original

  • 9/11/15-9/12/15: Chicago, IL
  • 9/13/15: Columbus, OH
  • 9/18/15-9/19/15: Toronto, ON
  • 9/20/15: Pittsburgh, PA
  • 9/25/15-9/26/15: New York, NY
  • 9/27/15: Boston, MA
  • 10/2/15-10/3/15: Atlanta, GA
  • 10/4/15: Raleigh, NC
  • 10/10/15-10/11/15: Orlando, FL
  • 10/17/15-10/18/15: Austin, TX
  • 10/23/15-10/24/15: Seattle, WA
  • 10/25/15: Portland, OR
  • 10/31/15-11/1/15: San Francisco, CA
  • 11/7/15-11/8/15: Los Angeles, CA

Is this unique Kickstarter campaign one that you plan to support? Which reward interests you, and would you be purchasing add-ons? Share your thoughts with us in the xxArray 3D Capture Experience forum thread over at 3DPB.com.


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