CGTrader’s Top 3D Printable Models of the Month: Includes Incredible Hand-cranked Power Generator


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CGTrader has once again provided us with a list of its top five most viewed models and its top five most downloaded models. We took looks at their top viewed and downloaded models back in November and December, and are happy to see again this month what the most popular models were on the site. These designs from the last month’s site performance have some interesting diversity, as well as a little bit of a theme: hands.

If you are not already familiar with CGTrader, it is a great resource because it allows 3D printing fans to share 3D models online for editing, modification, download, or printing with a service. The very user-friendly site is generally divided into two categories, one for those who want to buy 3D models and another for those who want to sell them. People buying the models can download them and fabricate them at home, use a service such as 3D Hubs to have them printed, or purchase the models already printed from a CGTrader designer. Here’s this month’s Top Viewed and Downloaded Models from our friends at CGTrader.

Top 5 Viewed 3D Printable Models

1. The Hand-Cranked Power Generator


It’s all about hands this month when it comes to most viewed models. Knocking the sexy nude woman out of first place in favor of practical matters is the top most viewed 3D printable model for this month: the hand-cranked power generator, from “EvenErichsen.” This is a working generator that generates up to 4000 rpms and produces about 40 volts (close to 15 watts) with no load.

2. 3D Printed Sculpture of Vampire Girl


OK, so what will it be, people? A sexy nude girl straddling a chair or a more unnerving Vampire Girl? It appears Vampire Girl, by “buleyko_anatoliy,” kept a sexy girl in the most viewed 3D printed models this month. This dramatic design of a Vampire Girl stands 15 x 11.5 x 12.5 cm and is available with designs that include blood (in color) or not.

3. Caryatid


The next most viewed model is also a female form, this time draped (clothed). The Caryatid, from designer “anavriN” is a female figure balancing a tablet on her head that is used in place of columns in ancient building structures. This Caryatid model is a excellent replication of the original designs.

4. Hands for Sexy Anime Ninja Figure


It’s sexy time for designer “ricswika,” who knows the word “sexy” will get some hits on CGTrader. His ninja hand design includes gloved (is that the sexy part?) hands for the ‘Sexy Anime Ninja’ model. He explains, “Since the hands are the most delicate and difficult part of printing the ‘Sexy Anime Ninja’ model, I am providing them here to try out as test prints. If you can get a good print of these at the default scale (1/9 scale), you will have no problem 3D printing any of my highly detailed ninja models.”

5. Shopping Bag Handle


We have to give CGTrader a hand this month, as three of the website’s top viewed models involve hands. While some people are trying to get plastic shopping bags eliminated because of their negative environmental impact, others are just trying to improve your bag carrying experience. Are you tired of hauling plastic grocery bags around while they dig into your fingers? “EvenErichsen” has solved all of your carrying problems with shopping bag handles that come in left- and right-handed design formats.


Top 5 Downloaded 3D Printable Models

1. Printable Head Bust


3D printed busts prove quite popular. I guess we all want to be commemorated with our own bust, and 3D printing allows for that. Here “mattbag” has provided us with a model of a Printable Head Bust that is the past month’s top downloaded model at CGTrader. And, if you really think about it: how cool? The bust was created using 123d Catch and ZBrush.

2. Customizable Furniture Minis


Thanks to “mathgrrrl”‘s #2 most downloaded model, you can 3D print mini furniture models to plan out your new space or redecorate your old space. With your own dimensions and scaling, you can print your own “bookcases, sofas, beds, tables, desks, chairs… or choose from a library of stock furniture.” Then you can give the minis over to your niece for her mini doll house, or use them to plan out your new furniture layout!

3. Space Marine


This cool little action figure — a Space Marine — from designer “i1” can be 3D printed and enjoyed by fans of Warhammer 401K. Print out the figure and his armor, then paint this mini to match your game. You can create a whole army of Space Marines, all ready for your next tabletop gaming session, with this free download.

4. Chess Set – Voronoi Style


Math and chess kind of go together. You may love playing chess or the Voronoi mathematical diagram, or both. If you are into either, this chess model might be a check mate you. Elegantly designed pieces use a flat bottom instead of a voronoi bottom so they can stand, allowing for real chess play with a set that also makes a great display piece.

5. One Spool of Natural PLA


What a great selling point. One Spool of Natural PLA can make all of these fun items when you download these files from designer “davidmus,” like so many others have. The array includes vases, a torso figure, bowls, and more, all great display pieces or gifts straight off the 3D printer.

There you have CGTrader’s top viewed and downloaded models for the past month.  From hands to female figures, action figures to chess sets, there seems to be a bit of something for all 3D printing designers and makers on CGTrader’s website.

What do you think about this latest look into CGTrader’s most popular designs? How do they stack up against previous months’ collections? Let us know over at the Monthly Top CGTrader forum thread at

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