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New Pensoul Graphics App by FXGear to Include Options for 3D Design and 3D Printing

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logoIt’s a smart company these days that has the vision to add in 3D printing as an option for mobile digital design tools. As the technology becomes more affordable with a multitude of options, and as innovation and inspiration flourish through an open-source community of makers, designers are having too much fun and watching too many doors open with 3D printing to ignore it.

3D printing is able to bring a design to tangible fruition, providing a fulfilling reward for the creator. FXGear is a company experienced with supplying graphics software and technology to engineers and designers. Involved in all things visual, including gaming, they have their fingers on the pulse of their client base and needs regarding tools for innovation, whether in terms of graphics and details or supported platforms and technique.

FXGear has just announced that Pensoul,pensoul app itsaboutdetail a new touch graphics and sketch app that is vector engine-based, will feature an option for those interested and engaged in 3D design and 3D printing. As we become a society less and less tethered to hard drives, land lines, and any one set of four walls, more technology is becoming geared toward ‘on-the-go’ design apps that can be used whether you are at the airport, standing in line for coffee somewhere, or lying on a beach sipping an umbrella drink. Pensoul is geared around allowing the engineer, designer, and hobbyist to create in the moment and continue a project to completion.

Pensoul sounds like a lot of fun and an app well worth checking out. The vector engine for the app, which was co-developed with Samsung Electronics, allows those with Android smartphones to do something as simple as jot down notes, or draw intricately detailed sketches. Powerful graphics can be inserted into anything and then presented for social sharing as well. With magnification of up to one million times, users are able to do very detailed work and design for suggested items like:

  • Lecture notessafe_image
  • Planners
  • Journals
  • Recipes
  • Sketchbooks
  • Photo albums

With the exciting opportunity to turn so many different creative ideas from multiple design platforms into a 3D printed object or prototype, the app should appeal to a wide range of innovators. Users can work in the app by either swiping or using a stylus, which gives flexibility whether they are in a hurry or have time to focus on more complex work and design. The option to go back, review, and edit with the ‘time slider’ is a comprehensive feature for a design app that someone might be using on their phone or tablet while away from the home or office. Very important is that the work can be shared with others for collaboration on work or personal projects, with a retained work history. Work can be shared and published both within the app and online.

“Our latest mobile graphics engine is giving users creative freedom to sketch and imagine as big as they want and share with the Pensoul community site, which will be launching in the beginning of February,” said Chang Hwan Lee, CEO of FXGear. “With Pensoul, we are making it easier for graphic design professionals and enthusiasts alike to create graphics and take notes on the go. From the beginning to the end of creation, we want to empower our users by giving them an innovative tool at their fingertips to perfect their craft and share it with the world.”


The app is geared toward the Android platform and is free in the Google Play store. Currently, those with Android smartphones have the option to design in 2D and take it to the next level with 3D design and 3D printing, with a wide array of materials and 3D printers available to complete a project. 3D printing is becoming more than just an option in the digital design world; it’s becoming a must have.

FXGear, established in 2004 as a software development company, is based in Seoul, South Korea. Over the years as they have evolved and broadened their technology, their research and development team has become very strong, and has extended into the areas of virtual technology and mobile graphics. Pensoul was co-developed with Samsung Electronics and its vector engine note application won an “App Award Korea 2014.”

Have you tried out the Pensoul app? What types of graphic design apps have you used with success? Share with us in the Pensoul Graphics App to Offer 3D Printing forum over at


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