Leopoly Expands its Easy-to-Use 3D Creation Tools to Businesses and Schools at CES 2015

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leopoly6One of the first things that many owners of 3D printers tell me when I ask them if they have ever designed their own products for 3D printing, is that the process is simply too difficult. There are a growing number of 3D printer owners, who quite frankly just use their 3D printers to print objects which they find online at websites such as Thingiverse.. Sure, this is fun, and it can be quite useful, but it’s not until the process of modeling custom objects for 3D printing becomes easier, that this technology will really take off.

One company that many people have not heard of, but should be made aware of is Leonar3Do Inc., the developers of Leopoly. Leopoly is an online, easy-to-use browser based 3D shaping platform and application which doesn’t just target advanced users or beginners. It targets just about everyone. The way the system works is that it allows users to take a shape (i.e. a coffee mug), and then by using simple shaping tools, modify and customize that object how they choose. Once the object is complete, they can then choose to have their design 3D printed and shipped to them, or they can upload it directly to Thingiverse, and then 3D print it themselves at home, or via a third party service.

Today, with the beginning of CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Leonar3Do Inc. has announce that they are launching their new Business Products and Education Package on Leopoly.

“These apps allow users to customize specific, themed 3D models, adding real value to modern additive manufacturing technology for the benefit of a wider range of users and partners,” explained Roland Manyai, Head of Leopoly. “This approach has led to growing interest from companies who want to exploit the potential of 3D printing and digital design experience for marketing purposes, product customization, merchandising and customer engagement.”


For businesses, Leopoly will be launching two different solutions, starting at $200/month: Leopoly Standard, and Leopoly Tailor-Made. Leopoly Standard Solution will offer organizations and businesses everything they need in order to construct their own branded 3D customization page, which includes a drag-and-drop site-builder system, with themes and basic 3D objects. Again, this design system that will be targeted toward these business clients will remain simple and easy-to-use, requiring absolutely no modeling skills whatsoever.

leopoly3In addition, the Leopoly Tailor-Made Solution provides business clients with a more controlled environment of their design and development process.

“Leopoly will work closely with you to create a solution that‘s tailored to your client’s own business processes,” explains the company. “Thanks to its flexibility and reliability, any 3D object can be customized in all kinds of creative ways so your customers will have an exciting and trouble-free 3D experience. We can even offer an integrated 3D printing service by working in tandem with the leading 3D printing houses.”

When it comes to education, we have seen many 3D printing companies try their hardest to come up with ways in which the technology can become a mainstay within classrooms. Leopoly seems to be following this same path with the introduction of their Education Package and entry-level training courses for students and teachers. They will be providing sample lessons as well as guides to both teachers and students alike. Users of the Education Package will be able to create 3D objects in a classroom environment and then have them 3D printed via Leopoly or on their own in-class 3D printers.


“Leopoly is a really user-friendly 3D creation and design tool,” noted Tami Brass, the Director of Institutional Technology at St Paul’s Academy and Summit School. “I can see it being used as a part of creative writing, literature discussions, history/social studies projects and science/mathematical modelling. The ability to easily export to file formats for 3D printing is particularly useful given the limited range of 3D printing tools available, especially for K-8 students. My own students found it easy to use and got excellent results.”

If you are attending CES 2015, be sure to check out Leopoly located in the 3D Printing TechZone at booth #72117. What do you think about Leopoly? Have you used it before? Discuss in the Leopoly forum thread on 3DPB.com.

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