Meltio and Partners to Launch New Hybrid CNC Machines

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A new hybrid CNC machine with integrated additive and subtractive capabilities could soon hit the market, thanks to a collaboration between three companies. Spanish wire-laser metal technology manufacturer Meltio has partnered with Jupiter Machine Tool (JMT), a US Air Force veteran-owned Illinois company specializing in CNC machine tools, and UnionMT, a global player in the manufacturing sector. Combined, these companies want to leverage their unique strengths and expertise to create a new product. They plan to develop and sell what they are calling the JMT Hybrid CNC Machines equipped with Meltio’s patented directed energy deposition (DED) technology.

Meltio’s DED technology is at the core of this new venture. Known for its high performance and affordability, this technology uses wire-laser metal 3D printing to create complex metal parts. By integrating this technology into JMT’s hybrid CNC machines, the partnership promises to deliver a unique blend of additive and subtractive manufacturing capabilities.

Integrating the Meltio Engine CNC Integration into JMT’s product lineup can produce complex metal parts from wire feedstock, promising 100% material efficiency and a clean operation environment.

JMT’s extensive portfolio of CNC machines, including five-axis machining, vertical and horizontal machining, turning and milling, bridge and gantry systems, and machining accessories, complements Meltio’s technology.

JMT’s 5-Axis CNC Machining hardware. Image courtesy of JMT.

Ray Whitehead, CEO of Jupiter Machine Tool, pointed to the synergy between the companies, stating: “The creation of a global partnership of Jupiter Machine Tool, Meltio, and UnionMT, located on three continents, is extraordinary and exciting. Our tri-cultural synergy blended with diverse global technology results in the design and manufacture of three and five-axis Additive-Subtractive CNC machine systems.”

The combined efforts of Meltio, JMT, and UMT are set to make a significant impact on the advanced manufacturing landscape for both producing and repairing parts. Combining subtractive and additive processes in a single machine is particularly useful in industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical, where complex, high-precision parts are needed. Specific applications might include creating lightweight yet durable aerospace components, intricate and high-performance automotive parts, and customized medical implants and devices.

“Meltio’s main commitment with this new partnership with Jupiter Machine Tool is to offer all types of industries in North America the ability to manage the entire manufacturing process using our unique metal 3D printing technology,” added Emilio Juárez, Meltio’s Sales Director.

Meltio’s M600. Image courtesy of Meltio.

Within the 3D printing industry, several companies have introduced hybrid machines that combine both additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies. One notable collaboration has already seen Meltio’s technology integrated into a hybrid machine. Phillips Corporation incorporated Meltio’s laser metal deposition technology into Haas CNC machining centers, creating the Phillips Additive Hybrid. This machine allows businesses to enhance their existing CNC equipment with high-precision additive manufacturing capabilities, facilitating rapid prototyping and the production of complex parts without needing entirely new equipment.

Beyond Phillips, other brands have also ventured into the hybrid machine market. Okuma’s LASER EX Series combines laser metal deposition with traditional CNC machining. These machines can handle various tasks within a single setup, including laser hardening and grinding. DMG Mori’s Lasertec 65 DED Hybrid also merges DED with five-axis CNC machining, producing high-precision parts for demanding applications in aerospace, automotive, and medical fields.

However, the new JMT Hybrid CNC Machines aim to bring something different to the table. Unlike the Phillips Additive Hybrid, which focuses on retrofitting existing machines, this latest development involves creating fully integrated machines from scratch. So, while the market already features notable hybrid machines from Phillips, Okuma, and DMG MORI, Meltio’s latest collaboration with JMT and UnionMT introduces a unique approach.

As industries continue to evolve, the need for versatile and efficient manufacturing solutions becomes more critical. These solutions reduce the need for multiple machines and setups, saving time and reducing costs. This partnership not only addresses this need but also sets a new standard for what can be achieved through collaboration and innovation.

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