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ADAXIS: Navigating Robotic Additive Manufacturing with a US Market Focus

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ADAXIS, a French-Swedish software company established in 2021, has become a key player in the field of Robotic Additive Manufacturing by offering advanced tool-pathing software solutions. The company is dedicated to making Robotic AM accessible to companies worldwide, regardless of their industry or background. ADAXIS’ software caters to polymers, metals, and concrete, addressing various applications and industries, including machining for polymer-based materials.

The US market represents a significant opportunity for ADAXIS, with established partnerships and notable clients such as Massive Dimensions, Fasttech Engineering, OneOff Robotics, Additive Engineering Solutions, and NBRR. Collaborations with top-tier suppliers, including CEAD, Precitec, Meltio, Airtech, Caracol AM, Fronius, ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa, FANUC, and others, underscore the company’s commitment to excellence. Expanding its presence in the US, ADAXIS is growing its local team to provide on-the-ground support for clients and aims to be the premier partner for companies pushing the boundaries of large-format 3D printing.

AdaOne, ADAXIS’ flagship product, is designed to enable part programming and certification through efficient programming and supervision. The dedicated team of 20+ individuals focuses solely on AdaOne’s development and user support, emphasizing ease, speed, and repeatability in the core of their development process.

ADAXIS facilitates the integration of industrial robotics, print heads, and material systems, simplifying the configuration and operation of production cells. The software boasts practical features, including

  • User-Friendly Interface: The software ensures a straightforward and efficient user experience.
  • Comprehensive Workflow Coverage: Enabling a holistic solution for the entire manufacturing process.
  • Efficient Tool Paths: Optimised tool paths for high throughput.
  • Multi-Axis Support: 14 degrees of freedom allowing for flexibility in manufacturing complex geometries with robots, turn tables and more.
  • Swift Job Preparation and Execution: Accelerating the production cycle for improved efficiency.
  • Adaptability and Scalability: Offering flexibility for varying production requirements and scalability for future growth.
  • Competitive Pricing: Providing cost-effective solutions to enhance overall affordability.

In response to challenges in the global energy sector, characterized by rising energy demand, depleting fossil fuel reserves, and increasing emissions, Robotic AM has emerged as a technology for large-scale component production. ADAXIS contributes to this shift by addressing applications suitable for Robotic AM, such as the creation of large-scale molds for wind turbines. These applications streamline production processes, reduce costs, and enhance overall efficiency, as evidenced by several ongoing projects.

Exciting developments include solutions for automatic mold production, machining, scanning and repair applications in both additive and subtractive manufacturing, showcasing ADAXIS’ commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

As ADAXIS continues to evolve within the Robotic AM landscape, its commitment to accessibility, efficiency, and strategic collaboration positions the company as a significant player globally. The convergence of Robotic AM, industrial robotics, and advanced materials not only opens new possibilities for large-scale production but also contributes to the future of the manufacturing industry.

The ultimate goal of ADAXIS is to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible industry by uniting machine manufacturers (robots, 5-axis), tooling (additive or otherwise), and materials behind a common interface. This approach empowers users to have excellent interaction with their production machinery and maintain control of their production processes, aligning with the broader industry’s goals of sustainability and responsibility.

Henri Bernard, Co-Founder and CEO of ADAXIS, will be participating at the upcoming Additive Manufacturing Strategies business summit in New York, February 6 to 8, 2024. Bernard will be speaking on the panel titled “Panel 2: Automation & Robotic 3D Printing.”

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