AnkerMake Ramps M5 3D Printing Speed up to 500 mm/s


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As Executive Editor Joris Peels has noted in his recent series, desktop 3D printers have gotten a series upgrade with a new generation of systems that are faster, more precise, and fully featured. Among them is the AnkerMake M5, which was originally printing at a speed of up 250 mm/s. That’s a speed of five times that of other desktop machines.

However, as competition began to increase in 2022, the AnkerMake team decided to upgrade the print speed of the M5. Thanks to a new update, AnkerMake M5 is now capable of printing at a speed of 500 mm/s and acceleration of 5,000 mm/s². Other improvements include better software support and a much easier user experience compared to other machines.

Accessing Lightning-fast 3D Printing

AnkerMake has released a new version of the Slicer, Firmware, and AnkerMake app so that users are able to access these improvements. Within the Easy Mode of the Slicer, users simply select the Fast Mode option. In Expert Mode, the upper acceleration and speed limits can be increased to 5,000 mm/s² and 500 mm/s, respectively.

The Slicer is able to ensure high print quality even at such wild speeds by applying different acceleration and speed settings on the first layer, outer walls, infill, and areas with special features. Because AnkerMake runs a tight schedule for software updates, the company provides regular feedback to its community. In turn, it will add further information about the latest updates during the first round of user feedback.

Speed Match-up


To demonstrate how the M5 compares to other systems on the market, the AnkerMake Lab made a test model at maximum acceleration and speed. The machine was able to print Benchy model in just 17 minutes and 40 seconds with decent print quality. The Gcode for the model is available in the Explore section of the AnkerMake app for users to test it themselves.

AnkerMake M5Bambu Lab P1PPrusa MK4Creality K1
17 mins 40s18 mins 24s20 mins13 mins

Software Update

In addition to increased speed, the AnkerMake team has incorporated other updates to the system’s software. This includes an upgrade for the printer’s spaghetti detection algorithm. Based on deep learning, the new algorithm has been trained publicly available training images on the internet and a large number of images provided by the community. When the AI recognizes spaghetti images similar to those in its own library during printing, it automatically pauses printing.

Additionally, the AnkerMake model library now supports one-click printing and one-click model download, available in the AnkerMake App.

Other Key Features

The M5 is already known for a number of features that rank it as a leading competitor to machines like the Bambu Lab P1P, Prusa MK4, and Creality K1. Setting up the M5 printer is a breeze – you can get it up and running in under 15 minutes, thanks to its simple assembly process. The printer is designed with user-friendliness in mind, and offers a range of features that streamline the printing process.

For instance, the printer comes with automatic bed leveling, eliminating the need to spend time tuning the device before printing. Additionally, the PEI soft magnetic printing bed, auto-resume function after power outages, and printing notifications further enhance the printing experience. With all of these features, users can focus their time and energy on printing, rather than spending time tinkering with the printer.

To begin printing, simply utilize the AnkerMake mobile app and AnkerMake slicing software to initiate a job from anywhere, even remotely. With the M5’s built-in camera, you can monitor the printing process through live video, and receive an alert once the part is complete. Moreover, an adaptive light-sensing algorithm enables clear visibility of the printer output even at night. With these features, printing with the M5 is not only convenient but also accessible, regardless of your location or time of day.

The AnkerMake M5 is designed to minimize the need for constant monitoring during the printing process. In case of a power outage, the printer will automatically pause the build, ensuring that no progress is lost. Additionally, the printer will alert you if it detects any issues, such as failed first layer adhesion. With this functionality, you can address any issues early on in the printing process, saving you both time and materials. Furthermore, this feature is no longer limited to the AnkerMake Slicer, as it can now be accessed via Cura or Prusa as well.

Price & Availability

The AnkerMake M5 comes with a 12-month warranty and customer service that prioritizes user convenience. If you require any assistance, you can contact AnkerMake at +1 (800) 221-0126(US), or send them an email at The company guarantees a response within 24 hours.

The AnkerMake M5 experienced significant success on its Kickstarter campaign last year, and has since been launched on Amazon and the firm’s official website at a retail price of $799. However, with AnkerMake’s Amazon Best Deal promotion, customers can get a 15% discount on the AnkerMake M5, bringing its price down to $679. Meanwhile, there is a bundle deal on the official website. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a high-quality 3D printer at an affordable price.

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