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Based out of China, INTAMSYS is an exciting firm that aims to challenge the larger material extrusion market across nearly all fronts. With high-temperature 3D printers, as well as a silicone system, the company has reached the level where it has even received an investment from Porsche. Now, at Formnext 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany, INTAMSYS will unveil its latest machine: the FUNMAT PRO 310, a desktop extrusion system featuring independent dual extrusion (IDEX) technology.

Completing the INTAMSYS 3D Printing Portfolio

INTAMSYS already boasts a broad series of fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printers under its Functional Materials (FUNMAT) brand. This includes the FUNMAT HT, the FUNMAT PRO 410, and the most recent FUNMAT PRO 610HT. Due to a build chamber capable of reaching 300°C and its large build chamber, the 610HT is ideal for a number of applications.

In general, the FUNMAT series is capable of processing a wide variety of materials, ranging from high-performance materials (PEEK, PEKK, PEI 9085, PEI 1010, PPSU) to engineering plastics (PA6-CF, PA12-CF, PA6/66, PC, ASA, etc.). This makes these systems useful for everything from aerospace, automotive and electronics manufacturing to consumer goods, healthcare and research.

The introduction of the FUNMAT PRO 310 printer rounds out the INTAMSYS portfolio, adding new features and applications to the market to the collection. In particular, the company developed the machine to meet the demands of engineers, who are seeking high-quality parts from FFF 3D printers.  As a result, the system is meant to allow engineers to pursue their research and development work with engineering-grade materials.

Thermostatic chamber and full-size printing capability

Of course, a large print envelope means the ability to produce full-sized parts without the need for multi-component assembly. However, as scale increases, so do the odds of warpage, delamination, and cracking, resulting in total print failure. Tackling these challenges, two of the standout features of the FUNMAT PRO 310 are its thermostatic chamber and robust build size.

The FUNMAT PRO 310 form INTAMSYS. Image courtesy of INTAMSYS.

In FFF printing, the filament is melted into a high-temperature, molten state. If the temperature of the material is lowered too quickly after extrusion, internal stress develops as the material is solidified, resulting in poor interlayer bonding. Typically, low-cost systems rely entirely on a heated build plate. However, this does not ensure consistent temperature across the entire build.

For that reason, the FUNMAT PRO 310 features a closed chamber that enables uniform and stable build temperature, in turn resulting in what the company describes as “perfect” melting. Reaching up to 100°C, the machine incorporates thermal insulation to reduce overall heat loss. This combined with a build volume of 305 x 260 x 260mm means that large parts can be made with engineering-grade plastics without issue.

Stable output and high print quality

In addition to the thermostatically controlled chamber and a sizable print volume, the FUNMAT PRO 310 includes a number of features that further improve its quality. An independent, sealed drying filament box, combined with a reusable molecular sieve, ensures long-term, low humidity for the machine without the need to dry filamen before printing. This is particularly useful for hygroscopic materials, such as nylon (PA).

The FUNMAT PRO 310 also features a modular IDEX design, which INTAMSYS suggests is “plug-and-play” and “easy-to-remove”. This includes multiple printing modes, such as support, dual material, mirror, and duplicate mode. It can also 3D print water-soluble/easy-peeling support material for various engineering materials, such as ASA, ABS,PC,PC-ABS,PA, and PA-CF.

Other benefits include a highly rigid metal frame that, combined with a high-precision motion control system, results in reduced vibration and, in turn, long-term continuous and stable printing. Additionally, its process control software uses intelligent path planning depending on the desired outcome for given application requirements. Based on years of work, the software features a built-in material process package, intelligent part printability detection, and overall improved printing success rate.

Intelligent Design and Whole-process Control

The FUNMAT PRO 310 has a 7-inch, full-color touchscreen with a new interface designed to be quick and easy to start using after completing a simple setup. Among the features that this enables are:

  1. Intelligent, automatic multi-point leveling
  2. Real-time compensation for motion accuracy
  3. Automatic management of task queues
  4. Standard API interfaces
  5. Seamless integration with manufacturing execution systems to meet the needs of customers to access Industry 4.0.
  6. Network printing supports visual monitoring, traceability of historical production data, online diagnosis and maintenance, and the ability to manage the entire printing process.

The FUNMAT PRO 310 rounds out INTAMSYS’s portfolio by introducing a desktop system to its line-up. At the same time, the machine has standout features that make it more than a standard desktop 3D printer. Debuting at Formnext 2022, the system is available to a limited number of pre-orders now and is expected to be made widely available by end of H1 2023.

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