Stratasys Offering 3D Printing Discounts to Service Bureaus in New Parts Provider Network


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After reporting that the first quarter of 2022 was its strongest in six years with a revenue of $163.4 million, Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) has introduced a new loyalty and discount program for its 3D printing service bureau customers. Called the Stratasys Parts Provider Network (PPN), this new program gives these customers easy access to volume discounts on the company’s software, materials, 3D printers, and service contracts. In addition, PPN members can enjoy wholesale pricing for on-demand 3D printed parts through Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

The polymer AM leader offers a total of five different 3D printing technologies and a large material selection, and caters to a wide variety of applications, including auto racing, fashion, medical, aerospace, and more. Now, thanks to the new Stratasys PPN, service bureau customers can more easily use all of the company’s offerings and access discounted rates as well.

“Stratasys recognizes the integral role service bureaus play in transforming global manufacturing, and our Parts Provider Network demonstrates our commitment to supporting their unique business needs. With five additive manufacturing technologies, we can provide PPN members with access to a robust portfolio of solutions to expand their offerings, increase their market share and provide their end customers with solutions to meet their additive manufacturing goals,” Pat Carey, Senior Vice President of Strategic Growth for Stratasys, said in a press release.

The Stratasys Parts Provider Network (PPN) provides access to volume discounts on Stratasys systems, materials, service contracts, and software, as well as wholesale pricing for on-demand parts printed through Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

Members of the Stratasys PPN can enjoy what the company calls “simplified operations” with a reliable program that offers rewards based on growth, and can also access a special online Customer Hub for ordering materials and other consumables. The program offers three tiers, starting at $100,000 annually in purchases, as well as a 75% discount on software integration so members can achieve a better AM production workflow, and other premium discounts on hardware, materials, and service contracts.

Since Stratasys launched its new PPN, over 30 global service bureaus have become members, including Carlsbad, California-based GKN Additive, a digital manufacturer of 3D printed advanced plastic and metal parts.

“The additive manufacturing industry has primarily been viewed as a prototyping solution. Over time, much has changed, and we’ve invested heavily to expand our services in support of manufacturing. This is where the Stratasys Parts Provider Network is so valuable,” explained Ken Burns, the Vice President of GKN Additive. “While there are many excellent additive technologies available in today’s market, GKN Additive (Forecast 3D) chooses to invest in Stratasys for top-of-the-line systems. The Stratasys Parts Provider Network is more than a loyalty program, it is about Stratasys continuing to educate and connect customers with companies equipped for the future of AM by moving beyond the historical prototyping service bureaus business model. With the support of this extended OEM network, our Stratasys FDM capabilities excel in reliability, uniformity, in a class above the rest compared to other FFF offerings. GKN Additive customers can continue to expect the exceptional quality and repeatability we consistently deliver with Stratasys technologies.”

Members have access to a special online hub for ordering additive manufacturing materials, a PPN class of service maintenance across Stratasys’ five polymer technologies, and a 75% discount on software integration for an improved production workflow.

Other member benefits include access to a special PPN class of service maintenance across the five polymer AM technologies that Stratasys offers; the ability to aggregate purchases for increased volume discounts; the Stratasys Direct Wholesale Parts Program; and eligibility for self-maintenance certification. PPN members also get access to exclusive education and networking opportunities, such as participation in Voice of Customer events and co-marketing opportunities.

Stratasys wants its new program to support a strong AM ecosystem, which is why it’s also investing in strengthening the partnerships between its service bureau customers and Stratasys Direct. The result will be an insourcing-outsourcing model to offer access to AM technologies and materials that Stratasys doesn’t currently offer in-house.

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