3D Printing Webinar and Event Roundup: December 12, 2021


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As we get closer to the end of 2021, it seems like the number of webinars and events are slowing down ever so slightly. But we still have plenty to tell you about for this week, including webinars on the AM supply chain, ceramic powders, metal 3D printed medical devices, and more. Read on for all the details!

America Makes & NCDMM Exhibiting at DMS 2021

First up, America Makes and 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM) will be exhibiting at this week’s Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC), held in Denver, Colorado from December 13th through 16th. Attendance at this event is generally over 1,000 people, mostly from government, industry, and academia, and attendees run the gamut from systems designers, CEO and Flag Officer level to working-level manufacturing-oriented scientists and engineers, and representatives of the warfighters.

“DMC is the nation’s annual forum for enhancing and leveraging the efforts of engineers, managers, technology leaders, scientists, and policy makers across the defense manufacturing industrial base. Leaders and manufacturing subject matter experts from government, industry, and academia exchange information and perspectives on defense manufacturing policies, strategic direction, best practices, funding opportunities, and the latest manufacturing innovations that will benefit our warfighters.”

Online registration is closed, but you can register onsite at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center starting today.

CASTOR on Supply Chain Benefits of AM

At 12 pm EST on Monday the 13th, CASTOR will hold a live webinar session about “The Supply Chain Benefits of Additive Manufacturing.” The company’s CEO and Co-Founder Omer Blaier, together with William Mccall, Director of Operations for Additive Manufacturing at Xerox, will discuss the big challenges of managing today’s supply chains, how AM can be used to solve manufacturers’ pain points, special tips and insights, real case studies, and more. There will also be a live Q&A session and a post-event networking session.

“Join us on our live event in collaboration with CASTOR to learn how companies are quickly discovering Additive Manufacturing opportunities for revolutionising their supply chain.”

You can register for the webinar here.

DLP 3D Printable Ceramic Powders

Partners Fortify and Tethon 3D are co-hosting a webinar at 11 am EST on Tuesday, December 14th about how they “offer industry leading DLP 3D printable ceramic powders with the lowest shrink rate.” Philip Lambert, Applications Engineer at Fortify, and Trent Allen, Tethon 3D’s CEO, will discuss how the partnership between the two companies has led to the largest build volume for ceramic DLP 3D printing, high throughput, and the industry’s lowest shrink rate for LS-AS and HP-A 98.8%. They’ll also discuss how Tethon 3D’s materials have been optimized for Fortify’s FLUX 3D printers.

“Together we offer the largest build volume for ceramic DLP 3D printing along with new ceramic materials that exhibit the lowest shrink within industry. These low shrink rates mean that customers have a much wider design envelope for their components including thicker walls, easier processability, and greater reliability. LS-AS offers the lowest shrink 3D printable ceramic material on the market at 5%, compared to ~20-30% of competitors. HP-A 989.8% is the lowest shrink 3D printable high purity alumina on the market at 13% which is nearly half the shrinkage of leading competitors.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Virtual Tour of HP’s 3D Printing Demo Center

HP is hosting another one of its popular live virtual tours of the 3D Printing Demo Center at 12 pm EST on the 14th. HP’s Carolina Rubio, 3D Printing Customer Program Manager, and Wes Kramer, Application Engineer, together with Kason Knight, the Owner and Lead Engineer of i-SOLIDS, will discuss how HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) AM technology works and its applications, in addition to providing an overview of the 3D printing workflow, taking questions from the audience, and more.

” In this session, you will learn about HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology and how the HP 3D Printing End-to-End Process works, from file preparation to post-processing.”

You can register for the tour here.

CAMWorks Beyond Toolpath Generation: CAM Automation

On Wednesday, December 15th, CAMWorks, an HCL Technologies Product, is holding a webinar focused on CAM automation, which will be the first session in a new series of webinars. The short episode will be held at 10 am EST for the Americas, 10 am CET for the EMEA, and 9 am IST for the APAC region. Attendees will learn how to eliminate dry runs and verify G-codes in one click, improve productivity with probing operations, and more, plus a demonstration of CAM technologies that can help reduce setup time and improve quality.

“This webinar is the first webinar in the CAMWorks Beyond Toolpath Generation series, which will cover a variety of topics related to CAM automation, digitization and improving shop floor communication.”

You can register for the webinars here.

Reducing Supply Chain Dependencies with Markforged

Also at 10 am EST on the 15th, Markforged is holding a webinar called “Beyond the Shortage: How to Reduce Supply Chain Dependencies with the Digital Forge.” With Charles Lu, Markforged Application Engineer, as the Featured Speaker, will discuss the barriers preventing 3D printing from changing manufacturing and the major differences between centralized and distributed manufacturing models, give examples of how different Markforged customers are using the Digital Forge software to fight the Everything Shortage, and more.

“Surging demand, lagging supply, and an ongoing labor shortage are constricting the flow of physical goods around the world. From cars to construction materials, prices are skyrocketing while availability grows less certain with each passing day. How do we protect ourselves against price movements and manufacturing risks dominated by global forces outside of our control?

“Manufacturers must invest in self-reliant means of production to reduce dependence on faltering global supply chains and outsource manufacturing.”

You can register for the webinar here.

3DQue on Automated Failure Detection

Tune in to the 3DQue livestream on Wednesday the 15th at 7:30 pm EST to learn about the 14 Types of Failure Detection during this QuinlyVision Q&A. In addition to learning about automated failure detection with the QuinlyVision platform, viewers will find out the next round of 3D printers that 3DQue will be supporting in the new year, and how you can be one of the first beta testers.

“Join Mateo & Steven as they discuss QuinlyVision, 3DQue’s AI-driven program that uses webcam video to identify 14 kinds of 3D printing failures!”

Set your notifications for the livestream here.

Zetamix 3D Printing by Nanoe

Nanoe, a French company that manufactures nanopowders for advanced ceramics, is a holding a webinar at 4 am EST on Thursday, December 16th about “Zetamix 3D printing: technology and use cases.” Attendees will get back to basics and learn more about FFF 3D printing, and the company will also present its Zetamix technology, in addition to its advantages and some use cases.

“Moreover, in order to demonstrate the potential of the technology, our latest uses cases we be detailed: in this part of the webinar you will learn how companies and laboratories successfully implement Zetamix 3D printing to improve their process and solve their production issues.”

You can register for the webinar here.

3DHEALS: Metal 3D Printing Medical Devices

If you’re interested in learning about metal 3D printed medical devices, tune in to the 3DHEALS panel at 11 am EST on the 16th. Moderated by Dr. Jenny Chen, the Founder and CEO of 3DHEALS, the diverse panel of experts speaking about their latest R&D efforts and industry insights into the metal 3D printing of medical devices are Kuntay Aktas, CEO and Co-Founder of BTech Innovation; Jeph Ruppert, a Director with 3D Systems’ Application Innovation Group (AIG); Laura Kastenmayer, Industry Manager Medical Technology, Additive Manufacturing at TRUMPF Additive Manufacturing; and Dr. György Attila Harakály, Senior Material Developer at Incus GmbH. There will also be breakout rooms available for networking after the discussion.

“Metal 3D printing for medical devices is continually on the rise as physicians, technologists, and researchers are increasingly taking advantage of the technology’s boundless flexibility. 3D printed metal implants especially in orthopedics and craniomaxillofacial (CMF) space are some of the earliest devices gaining FDA clearance and wider manufacturing adoption. Biocompatibility of metal/metal alloy, advancement in metallurgy, innate design freedom, and mass customization option offered by 3D printing suggest potential future better implants that could result in greater surgical success and clinical outcome. As the industry progresses, newer or improved manufacturing processes promise a new generation of healthcare applications.”

You can register for the webinar panel here.

Stratasys & Arkema on Achieving AM Volume Production

Finally, the last webinar of the week, by Stratasys, will be on Thursday the 16th at 2 pm EST, “Achieve Additive Manufacturing Volume Production with PA11 & SAF Technology.” Subject matter experts Kevin Sheehy, Manufacturing Engineer II, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing; Stephen Serpe, Market Manager, Specialty Powders and 3D Printing, Arkema; Adam Ellis, Corporate Applications Engineer, Stratasys; and Tim Heller, Commercial Leader, Strategic Growth, Stratasys, will discuss why AM doesn’t just make sense in production quantities, but can actually be used to achieve volume production. Topics will include how Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) technology and PA11 material can economize the production of plastic parts 3D printed on the Stratasys H350, why manufacturing companies should reevaluate how they fabricate PA11 production components, and more.

“High Yield PA11 Polymer Powder produces parts that have high ductility, are durable and impact resistant. This makes PA11 an ideal material for production due to its superior consistency, mechanical performance and sustainability. Paired with SAF™ technology and printed on the H350™, parts created with PA11 are extremely accurate and suitable for a wide range of applications. This webinar explores PA11’s properties, the benefit of printing with the H350 and how PA11 and SAF technology can propel your business into the high-volume production space.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual and live events? Please let us know!

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