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SprintRay Welcomes Usain Bolt, Launches 3D Printing Dental Resin & Post-Curing Unit

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California 3D printing startup SprintRay Inc. is well-known for its DLP SLA 3D printers, as well as it’s Pro Desktop 3D printer for digital dentistry applications. The MedTech company just announced a multi-year dental-focused partnership with eight-time Olympic medalist Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, in order to make high-quality digital dental care more globally accessible, particularly in his home country of Jamaica. 35-year-old Bolt, the only Sprinter to win Olympic 100 meter and 200 meter titles at three consecutive Olympics (2008, 2012 and 2016), will now be a SprintRay Global Brand Ambassador for the next five years.

“I am proud to represent and partner with SprintRay and fellow “Sprinters,” as we call ourselves,” Bolt said about the partnership. “This is a company that is poised to transform the digital dental industry on a global scale. This initiative is intended to accelerate a very critical and unmet need for improvements in dental care access across the world, starting with Jamaica, where there is less than one dentist for every 100,000 residents. I look forward to working with SprintRay to give confidence and the best possible smile to every citizen of this planet.”

Together, Bolt and SprintRay are working with the Jamaica Dental Association to invest in an initiative called “Bolt Labs, powered by SprintRay,” which aims to offer accessibility in digital dentistry to Jamaican residents.

“SprintRay is excited to partner with Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man and widely considered to be the greatest Sprinter of all time, to represent our Company and help us expand access to high-quality, digital dental care on a global scale. This initiative marks a pivotal step, as SprintRay continues to act on our mission to improve dental care quality and delivery times through technological innovation. Using our ecosystem of dental 3D printing products, dental work can now be completed in a fraction of the time and cost, and without multiple offices visits,” stated SprintRay CEO and Co-Founder Amir Mansouri, Ph.D.

Both the Bolt Foundation and the SprintRay Foundation plan to launch the Bolt Labs, powered by the SprintRay initiative, and set up dental clinics, such as a mobile unit and 3D dental labs, to address the dental needs of children as well as adults, and also those people who live in more remote parts of Jamaica.

At SprintRay’s inaugural 3D Next Summit last week in Miami, Florida, Bolt attended alongside doctors and industry leaders, and also participated as a keynote speaker, which I’m sure was an amazing presentation to see.

Erich Kreidler, SprintRay’s President, said, “SprintRay’s biggest value proposition is the benefits of time compression afforded to every stakeholder, and there is no one else on this planet like Usain Bolt to inspire us to amplify the impact of speed and time.”

Its super-fast Brand Ambassador isn’t the only thing SprintRay introduced this month—the startup also launched its new ProCure 2, as the latest piece in what SprintRay calls “the world’s fastest dental 3D printing system.” The ProCure 2 is said to enable, for the first time, a one-hour chairside workflow in dental offices, as it can supposedly post-process most parts in less than five minutes, which is up to 15 times faster than the system that came before it.

SprintRay says that its new ProCure 2 has 25 times the amount of power as its predecessor, and also offers easy-to-use pre-programmed cure profiles as well.

In addition, the startup also launched SprintRay OnX, which it calls the first “fully radiopaque restorative 3D printed resin.” With a high condensed ceramic content and a good combination of translucency and opacity in order to replicate a person’s natural dentition, this new resin is said to be extremely aesthetic and easy to characterize.

This year’s “Additive Manufacturing in Dentistry” report by SmarTech Analysis, which is the longest-running dedicated research study for dental industry professionals, explains how in early 2020, the dental industry suffered a majorly negative impact as government restrictions either discouraged and in some cases prohibited, non-emergency dental care. But the sixth edition of this study shows a quick recovery as restrictions began lifting in mid-2021, and SmarTech shows that dental 3D printing market revenues should return to growth in 2022.

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