Creality Taking Part in the Space Robotics Project Press Conference


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The Space Robotics project powered by Creality has just opened a door of transmitting 3D technology to children in Brazil. The president of AEB, FNDE, UnB and other representatives in Brazil, the Chinese Embassy in Brazil also sent mr. Liang Tian connected to the live event along with hundreds of teachers watching this grand live event.

Senior Representatives from Brazil and China Joined in the Public Welfare Press Conference

On 8th Sep 2021, Creality——the world’s leading 3D printer supplier and manufacture officialized a partnership with the Space Robotics Project, which is developed by the Brazilian National Fund for Education Development(FNDE), together with Brasilia’s University(UnB), under the institutional support of Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation(MCTI), through the Brazilian Space Agency(AEB). As the official announcement of this project is in form of live event, the main beneficiary of this project——teachers and students from all over the country will join the live, the Chinese Embassy in Brazil also sent their representative to witness this  grand live event about helping the local children chasing their space dreams through 3D technology.

A company that devoted itself into public welfare

Creality, a professional 3d printer manufacturer, specialize in integrating 3d printing software research, 3d printer design, and 3d printer distributing & reselling as a whole.

The company has now grown as a well-recognized brand that has more than 1.6 million users around the world, the annual shipment exceeds 1.2 million pieces, and the growth never stops. With over 1000 professional R&D members and over 100 core patents of independent intellectual property rights, Creality is still not satisfied.

Not satisfied with only being as a business giant, Creality is building for a greater dream, its mission explained well on this point——Create Reality, Achieve Dreams!—— as a mission always bearing in mind, passing on the spirit as an evangelist, facilitating people to enjoy the convenience of 3D printing technology.

The Interesting Space Robotics Project Will Travel Over 11,000Km,Cover 150 Cities in Brazil

It is the cooperation working on the Space Robotics Project, Creality got the opportunity to carry out this mission by donating 250 3D printers to schools within the initiative. The whole project will last 4 months from Aug to Dec. 250 schools in 150 cities across the country will receive the 3D printers sponsored by Creality, and more than 25 schools will be visited by the TECNOMOB unit, a truck transformed into a mobile lab. In the course, each participating school receives licensees to utilize the educational platform, to be downloaded in the students cellphones, computers or tablets. With this fully interactive tool, the students learn how to assemble their own robots, in the device’s screen, also learn about NASA’s Artemis Mission, which serves as background for the robotics teaching APP.

“We regard this a great opportunity to fulfill our role of 3D printing evangelist in this partnership, and thanks to Bebyte, who also have the same goal of helping the children in Brazil to acknowledge 3D printing technology, to provide us with this campaign so we can walk along with each other towards the same direction,” said by Danjun Ao, the CEO of Creality on the live event, “Create reality, achieve dreams. This is the philosophy that has been deeply rooted in Creality. At the launch of ‘Space Robotics’, I would like to take this opportunity to share this philosophy with our Brazilian partners and with all the Brazilian children: Only by fulfilling the dreams of children can we truly create the future of all mankind!”

More Than a Single Project: Creality Is Welcoming Further Public Welfare Cooperation

The project not only brings actual benefits to children in Brazil, to Creality, it brings attention from the whole society as well as the government, given to the contribution has been made to both the development of technology and education. Due to the lack of machines and education, 3D technology is still a remote area in most countries, though it is promisingly listed as a critical technology that can change the whole world. This is exactly what Creality is pursuing when carry out public benefit activities. Over the past 7 years, Creality have made no bones about popularizing 3D printing technology for young people around the world, helping underprivileged students in any way they can, printing prosthetic limbs for children who have limb difference in Africa, and opening the doors of design for young designers. As a technology innovation enterprise, Creality has been transmitting 3D printing technology in the spirit of evangelists, so that every household can enjoy the convenience brought by science and technology.

So far, Creality’s 3D printers have already got good reputations among its users, the brand is also quite in favored by most of 3D printing lovers. However, the principal of helping more people in need never stops. Space Robotics project in Brazil is only a start. In the future, Creality would like to work with any organization from any country to pass along the public welfare spirit, as well as popularizing 3D technology to create a better world.

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