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Aiming to become a global company and support its additive manufacturing (AM) user base on a worldwide scale, Farsoon Technologies has established multiple regional partnerships, international offices and developed a team of 3D printing professionals from around the world. Now, the Chinese manufacturer of industrial polymer and metal laser sintering systems is expanding to Japan through a partnership with leading industrial solution supplier Japan 3D Printer. The new market target is part of Farsoon’s expansion strategy, which began in 2017 with the launch of Farsoon Americas in Austin, Texas.

Farsoon Americas’ headquarters in Austin, Texas. Image courtesy of Farsoon Technologies.

For eight years, Japan 3D Printer has provided additive solutions for more than 300 institutes and over 4,000 industrial customers in a wide range of industries, like automotive, aerospace, healthcare, and architecture. The business aims to contribute to the spread of 3D digital tools and seeks to be a solution partner for many local companies in a new era that will disrupt traditional manufacturing.

Adding to its comprehensive offering of 3D printers, which already includes Raise3D, Markforged, EOS, and BASF, Japan 3D Printing will soon introduce the polymer HT403P production system – one of Farsoon’s flagship printers – to its growing product line. Farsoon’s selective laser sintering (SLS) technology will be showcased to potential customers at the company’s Tokyo Demo Center, the DST Factory, proving it meets some of the highest industry standards through benchmark model testing.

The 403P series is Farsoons flagship production polymer system. Image courtesy of Farsoon Technologies.

Since it was first introduced at TCT Asia 2019, the high-speed polymer laser sintering HT403P system has been intensively operating in commercialized productions of domestic and global industrial partners. With a powerful eight-zone heater and intelligent thermal control systems, the open platform laser sintering system allows complete freedom of operation of its machines. Enhanced temperature shielding, laser power, and thermal controls enable the HT403P to process high-performance materials, such as nylon PA6, for direct-use applications.

Reflecting on the country’s 3D printing market, Japan 3D Printer’s Founder and CEO, Kitagawa Shihaku, said FDM had been a major 3D Printing technology in Japan for the past years. However, rapidly growing engineering demands have turned the company’s attention to new plastic additive technologies for manufacturing high-performance functional parts. Shihaku believes the introduction of Farsoon’s high-quality SLS technology will have a profound impact on local industrial manufacturing, offering “innovative, productive, yet cost-efficient solutions for many challenges in Japanese traditional manufacturing in the long run.”

Farsoon’s international headquarters in China. Image courtesy of Farsoon Technologies.

As a globally diversified company, Farsoon aims to provide 3D systems and materials through multiple regional partnerships and offices in North America, Europe, and China. Founded by laser sintering pioneer Xu Xiaoshu in 2009, Farsoon has become a system supplier of industrial plastic laser sintering and metal laser melting systems. In just one year, it developed China’s first high-end selective laser sintering machine and its own line of SLS nylon materials. While pursuing a worldwide presence, the company established Farsoon Americas with its first company branch and direct distribution center in Austin, Texas, represented by industry veteran and former Manager at Stratasys North America, Phillip Conner.

Just a year later, BASF’s 3D Printing Business Director Dirk Simon was asked to join Farsoon’s new Europe offices, located in Germany, as Managing Director. Considering it has been working with an increasing number of industrial and academic customers, the firm has been actively looking for industry-focused sales channel partners and added a sales channel expansion into Northwest U.S. and Canada through a partnership with industrial solution supplier ACS Hybrid. Another partnership with experienced additive technologies provider Maha Chemicals helped Farsoon expand into the 3D printing space in Singapore and the rest of the Southeast Asian market. Since then, the Chinese 3D printing leader has shared its intentions to make its global footprint even more of a reality. Its latest partnership in Japan is the next step in that direction.

Farsoon’s Global Channel Manager, Vince Zhao, said years of innovation and successful practices give the company the confidence needed to supply “high-quality, truly open SLS solutions.” He also highlighted Japan’s additive market as one of the most important for top-quality industrial applications, mainly due to the very early adoption of the technology. Zhao said Japan 3D Printer’s expertise in additive manufacturing and extended customer base would help push industrial applications for Farsoon’s SLS platforms.

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