3D Printing Webinar and Virtual Event Roundup: March 13, 2021


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From a new 3D printer and the future of industrial 3D printing to the hazards of AM fumes, a lot of different topics are being covered in the webinars and virtual events that make up this week’s roundup. So let’s dive right in!

Virtual Launch of Wayland Additive’s Calibur 3

U.K. company Wayland Additive was supposed to launch the Calibur 3, its first production NeaBeam 3D printer, in January of 2021, with both physical and virtual events. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Boris Johnson placed the United Kingdom under its third national lockdown that same month, and so the company had to postpone both events. The physical event will now be held on May 19th, and the virtual one is taking place this Tuesday, March 16th. Wayland’s proprietary NeuBeam metal AM process is said to offer more flexibility than laser-based 3D printing, and more stability than electron beam systems. It’s a hot part process rather than a hot bed process, and the technology makes it possible to tailor metallurgical requirements to specific applications, and is also said to have no gas cross-flow or residual thermal stresses, and an easier powder removal process. NeuBeam technology can be used with highly reflective alloys and refractory metals that aren’t compatible with most electron beam and laser powder bed fusion, and also offers what Wayland calls “unprecedented levels” of real-time in-process monitoring.

“There is a tangible excitement in the Wayland HQ at the moment. So much hard work has led to this point as we are about to lift the lid on our Calibur3 machine. We want the virtual event to be as interactive as possible, and we will welcome questions and look to work post-event with any companies that wish to discuss specific applications,” said Peter Hansford, Wayland Additive’s Director of Business Development. “We are also hosting a physical event on the 19 th May when the restrictions in connection with the pandemic will have been relaxed enough for us to convene this safely, and of course, attendees are welcome at this event as well. It is not often that a technology is introduced that will facilitate a root and branch reassessment of what can truly be achieved using metal AM, but the Calibur3 is one such, and we are looking forward to presenting it to you.”

You can register for this week’s virtual event here, and for the physical event in May here.

Materialise: Medical Imaging Personalizes Musculoskeletal Models

The latest Materialise webinar, “‘To Personalize’ or ‘Not to Personalize’: How to Balance the Need for Subject-Specific Anatomical Detail and Clinical Applicability in the Study of Musculoskeletal Loading During Movement,” will be held on Tuesday the 16th at 10 am EST. High fidelity data from medical imaging techniques and 3D motion capture systems are becoming more accepted in the medical field as a way to define effective treatment approaches to studying the gait dysfunction of children with cerebral palsy and personalizing musculoskeletal models. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to set up efficient musculoskeletal model personalization pathways, what it will take to transfer these models from the lab to their actual clinical application, and more.

“The use of integrated 3D motion capture together with dynamic simulation of motion is currently an established way to study musculoskeletal loading, which today still cannot be measured non-invasively. In particular, in the field of degenerative joint disease, there is the ambition to use these techniques to contribute to patient stratification and consequent prescription of targeted rehabilitation strategies.”

You can register for the webinar here.

TriMech Offers Tips & Tricks for SOLIDWORKS Weldment Design

Also at 10 am EST on the 16th, TriMech is holding a webinar titled “TriMech Tips & Tricks: Weldments” about—you guessed it—the tools, tips, and tricks that can help you quickly build and trim welded structures and frames for industrial design applications. TriMech Application Engineer and Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional David Cano-Meija will teach attendees how to create custom weldment profiles in the SOLIDWORKS library, understanding weldment properties and creating drawings of weldments, using solid modeling to create complex 3D sketches, and more.

“Going over some lesser-known tools and tricks, you’ll learn how custom properties work, how to create your own custom profiles and how to add them to your SOLIDWORKS libraries. You will also learn some time-saving hacks to create complex layout sketches and how to use the Structural System command to make the construction of complex structures a breeze.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Office 3D Printing: ExOne’s Metal Designlab & X1F Advanced Furnace

ExOne launched its office-friendly bound metal 3D printer, the ExOne Metal Designlab by Rapidia, a month ago, and is holding a webinar this Wednesday, March 17th, at 2 pm EST to teach attendees about this complete metal 3D printing system, which includes the X1F Advanced Furnace and uses Rapidia’s two-step HydroFuse AM technology. HydroFuse has a lower binder content than other pre-bound metal 3D printers, which means it has no solvents, fumes, or odors, and allows for printed parts to go straight into the furnace without having to waste time on lengthy chemical or thermal debinding steps. Attendees will learn how and why HydroFuse simplifies bound metal 3D printing and some of its main benefits, and will also get an overview of the whole system.

“Print Today, Parts Tomorrow technology is finally here for bound metal 3D printing. This innovation is made possible with HydroFuse™, an innovative water-based paste containing metal or ceramic powders.

“Invented by Rapidia Founder Dan Gelbart, a serial inventor and entrepreneur, this technology revolutionizes the speed, simplicity and affordability of metal 3D printing. First unveiled in 2019, and developed over several years, HydroFuse replaces 98% of the binder with water, an environmentally friendly solution that simply evaporates while printing, allowing parts to go directly into the furnace.”

You can register for the webinar here, but hurry up, as spaces are limited.

EOS Discusses the Future of Industrial 3D Printing

Also on the 17th, EOS is hosting a webinar, though the company refers to it as a Visionary Talk, on “The Future of Industrial 3D Printing.” There are two available time slots for this webinar—the first is at 3 am EST (9 am CET), while the second is at 10 am EST (4 pm CET). The event will be more discussion-based, so in order to allow for a more personal atmosphere between the attendees and their hosts, only 50 seats will be available. Speaking of the hosts, there will be four experts from EOS leading the discussions: Dr. Marco Nock, the SVP of Innovation Management, and Innovation Managers Michael Jan Galba, Fatime Imetovska, and Dr. Daniel Riedmüller.

“Do you have any idea what the future of 3D printing looks like? Great! Our innovation team also has colorful & powerful visions. Join this talk to shape the picture of the future together with thought leaders and experts in the field. To be able to create a lively and fruitful discussion, there will only be 50 seats available – so, join us now to get your spot in the virtual front row.”

You can register for the earlier webinar here, and the later one here.

HP on Growing Orthotics & Prosthetics Business with MJF

This Thursday, March 18th, at 12 pm EST, HP is discussing how to use modern 3D printing practices, such as its own Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, to grow your orthotics and prosthetics businesses. The webinar, “Grow your O&P business and stand out with modern 3D printing practices,” will explore how additive manufacturing can help create new business opportunities that will attract new specialists and clients. Attendees will hear from O&P industry experts who have adopted the technology, and also learn how 3D printing can help facilitate device modifications and resizing.

“Join this webinar to learn about the business economics of orthotics and prosthetic production with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology. Learn why and how companies have adopted additive manufacturing to diminish or eliminate reliance on traditional production methods.”

You can register for the webinar here.

BOFA International on Hazards of Additive Manufacturing

This week’s final webinar will be held on Friday, March 19th, by BOFA International, an award-winning global leader in fume extraction and filtration. The company’s free seminar, “Additive manufacturing / 3D printing safety: What you need to know now,” will be hosted by its own industry experts, and include keynote sessions from Applications Engineering, Product Management, and R&D all about the health and safety risks that emissions linked to 3D printing can present. Attendees will learn about the necessity of fume extraction, as AM can emit potentially harmful particulates, gases, and fumes, and look at effective air filtration systems, including carbon filters, that can help prevent ultrafine particles from reaching breathing zones.

“AM is growing across multiple industry sectors, including automotive, defence, aerospace, medical devices and electronics, thanks to its ability to shorten production cycles, lower tooling costs and reduce waste material. Recently, during the COVID-19 pandemic we have seen just how valuable AM and 3D printing has been to deliver essential supplies in quick time,” Luke Ziolkowski, BOFA International’s Global Business Development Manager, said in a press release. “However, there is growing evidence that these processes require extraction systems that can filter and capture particulate and fume – including nanoparticles – and return clean air into the environment.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual events? Please let us know!

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