3D Printing Webinar and Virtual Event Roundup: December 6, 2020

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In this week’s roundup, we’re telling you about a virtual twin symposium, two 3D Systems webinars, and one by Materialise. Women in 3D Printing is continuing its virtual panel series, and Teton Simulation will be discussing its Smart Slice solution. Read on for all the details!

Dassault’s Living Heart & Virtual Twin Symposium

On Tuesday and Wednesday, December 8-9, Dassault Systèmes is holding its sixth annual International Symposium of the Living Heart and Virtual Twin of Humans, which celebrates the advances in virtual twins and simulation for the human body. The company launched the Living Heart Project back in 2014, and, with the support of the FDA, it has grown to include over 130 members from 24 countries, including regulators, clinicians, pharmacists, and researchers. Symposium participants will learn about current advances in the use of simulation for the human body to develop new treatments and excellent patient care, and the main challenges in simulating the human body will be discussed in multidisciplinary panels.

You are cordially invited to virtually participate in this free, two-day event where you’ll:

  • Discover cutting-edge virtual twin applications across the entire product lifecycle

  • Converse with like-minded peers in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, research centers, clinical practice

  • Learn the latest on the FDA position on the use of modeling and simulation of virtual patients

  • Learn best practices from members of the Living Heart Project

  • Directly contribute expertise to the development of virtual human twin

  • Meet our experts and expand your networks and skills

You can register for the symposium here.

3D Systems on GibbsCAM 14 & Digital Dentures

3D Systems is holding two webinars this week, with the first, “Introducing GibbsCAM 14: Multi-Task Machining,” on Monday, December 8th, at 2 pm EST. This webinar will explain how the company’s GibbsCAM 14 CNC software, which supports hybrid, multi-task machines, and its Multi-Task Machining, can fit your business needs. This version of GibbsCAM includes new enhancements and capabilities that can “facilitate manufacturing process automation,” as well as support the adoption of breakthrough manufacturing technologies.

The second webinar, “How to Grow Your Practice with Digital Dentures,” will take place at 11 am EST on Friday, December 11th. During this webinar, participants will take a walk through the digital dental workflow, following a digital dental case all the way from submitting scan files and designing dentures in AvaDent, 3D printing the denture on the NextDent 5100 printer, and then assembling it. At the end, Dr. Brian Goodacre of Loma Linda University will discuss the benefits of 3D printing dentures.

Materialise Think-In: Materialise Process Tuner

The latest webinar in the Materialise Think-In Series, after the initial Launch Event and last week’s “What’s New in Magics 25” webinars, will be held on Wednesday, December 9th, at 9 am EST, and focus on Materialise Process Tuner software, which helps to automate the workflow in order to increase teams’ productivity.

“Process development is a time-consuming, manual task that all 3D printing factories must perform when introducing a new material, technology, or machine into their portfolio. This is why we’re introducing a software solution that automates the workflow to increase teams’ productivity: the Materialise Process Tuner.

“The Materialise Process Tuner enables facilities to store process development parameters in the cloud while automating workflows and providing process insights. Join our software experts to get the first look.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Wi3DP: The Future of Polymers in AM

The latest virtual panel and networking event from the ongoing Women in 3D Printing series will begin at 11 am on Wednesday the 9th, and will be focused on “The Future of Polymers in AM.” Moderated by Kristin Mulherin from AM-Cubed, the panelists—Eilyn Meneses from Henkel, Sylvia Monsheimer from Evonik, and Tactile Report principal author Stephanie Benight from Tactile Materials Solution—all have many years of experience in the polymer space of additive manufacturing. After the panel is over, there will be time for questions and answers, as well as virtual networking.

Prepare for a discussion on a global scale around:

  • Where polymers are actually being used in real-world applications, and what is expected in the coming year.

  • What materials need to be developed and why.

  • Expected upcoming applications, and what industries we’ll be seeing them in.

  • And more!

You can register for the panel discussion here.

Teton Simulation on Smart Slice for Cura

The last webinar this week will be hosted by Teton Simulation at 11 am EST on Thursday, December 10th. Entitled “Slice Smarter – Optimize FFF print settings for performance and maximum machine efficiency,” the webinar will focus on using Smart Slice for Cura to optimize slicing parameters to meet structural requirements, while at the same time increasing machine throughput and reducing print times. Teton will be presenting a new case study completed by its partner, BASF Forward AM, which validates the time savings generated by combining Smart Slice with Ultrafuse PAHT CF15.

“Reduce print times and print iterations for a successful print using Teton’s Smart Slice in Ultimaker Cura. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how to optimize slice settings and validate as-printed behavior for FFF to meet performance requirements and minimize print times – increasing throughput on your machines. We will also demonstrate the technology with experimentally validated data from our partner – BASF Forward AM.”

You can register for the webinar here.

Do you have news to share about any future webinars or virtual events? Please let us know!

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