Link3D Releases Mobile 3D Printing Post Production App

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Colorado-based company Link3D develops and provides a suite of software applications that help organizations, like A.M. Surgical, EOS North America, and 3D Systems, scale and manage their additive manufacturing ecosystems. Its Additive Manufacturing Execution System (AMES) supports end-to-end 3D printing processes, and helps customers connect the digital world to their 3D printing workflow and production planning. Now, a year after raising $7 million in venture capital funding and in the midst of sponsoring several webinars in a monthly series by Women in 3D Printing, the company is announcing the availability of its first mobile app, Post Production Management.

Every day, we hear of more and more companies that are starting to adopt 3D printing into their workflows, so it’s important to keep everything really connected and smooth so no bottlenecks occur. With Link3D’s new Post Production Management App, AM companies can keep every single step of the production process totally transparent, which gives employees more control over their jobs, 3D printing, and post-processing.

“We have seen the Post Production app streamline the post processing steps and increase the traceability without adding overhead to every task. The paper trail is eliminated without losing the sign offs and accountability for each step after the printing process,” said Lara Janse van Vuuren, the Technical Program Manager at Link3D.

Link3D and its management software solutions already help companies plan, manage, and optimize their supply chains, allowing them to achieve automation in their workflows by connecting their hardware, IT, and software technologies together with APIs. But with Link3D’s new Post Production Management App, customers can take things even further, increasing and optimizing AM processes together with the Production Dashboard, so they can automatically keep track of completed, queued, and even failed parts. The app lets you configure forms, and collect data, in any language, which makes it possible for facilities to accept, cost, and quote orders from all over the globe.

Some of the many great features Link3D’s new Post Production Management App offers include tracking the labor and machine hours required to complete post-processing for parts and work orders, a real-time view of post-production, the ability to do pre- and post-checklists to make sure that technicians follow work instructions to the letter, and managing part yield by tracking how many have been completed at Work Centers, and how many needed to be reprinted.

Additional Post Production Management App features include:

  • Automatically route parts through multiple Work Centers, defined by the traveler
  • Increase traceability of yield management on the production floor by tracking the Failure reasons at Work Centers
  • Locate parts either by scanning a QR code, filtering by tasks, or looking at Work Center hubs
  • Review and update the part status every step of the way from “Not Started” and “In Progress” to “Arrived,” “Completed,” or “Failed”
  • Upload and view images and documentation for traceability tracking at the Work Centers
  • View Additional Order Details, such as production requirements for a part or customer information, in order give orders more context

Link3D’s new Post Production Management App will help companies and organizations increase their efficiency and better manage the post-production process. Using the app will help customers create a digital thread, as it can provide a streamlined workflow for 3D printed parts management.

(Source/Images: Link3D)

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