3D Systems: New 3D Printing Materials for Figure 4 & SLA


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3D Systems continues to add to its material offerings for customers worldwide with a variety of new choices in their plastics portfolio, which now includes Figure 4 RUBBER-65A BLK, Accura Fidelity, Accura Bond, Accura Patch, and Figure 4 JEWEL MASTER GRY.

Meant to accompany 3D Systems Figure 4 and SLA printing techniques, industrial users will be able to expand with different applications in manufacturing.

Figure 4 RUBBER-65A BLK (Production-grade rubber suitable for multiple industrial applications): 3D Systems adds to its range of production-grade materials, offering an elastomer with mid-tear strength and high elongation at break. Suitable for applications like seals, air and dust gaskets, vibration dampeners and pipe spacers, this material is also biocompatible (per ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10) allowing for other critical parts to be made such as handles, grippers, and medical padding used in both splints and braces.

Figure 4 RUBBER-65A BLK also offers:

  • Long-term environmental stability
  • High accuracy
  • Minimal scarring from supports
  • Faster production than other materials requiring secondary thermal post-cure

 “As a mechanical engineer and designer of medical devices, I can think of many uses for a robust elastomeric material such as Figure 4 RUBBER-65A BLK,” said Matthew Cavuto, mechanical engineer, Imperial College London. “Custom sealing grommets, damping elements, or even soft-touch grips are just a few of the applications that come to mind – all of which would expand the capabilities and streamline my process of prototyping on the Figure 4. Functionally, Figure 4 RUBBER-65A BLK is quite impressive. When matched with the right part and application, it has great tear strength and exceptional print quality.”

3D Systems created this new material to adhere to customer requirements in terms of production performance properties, mechanical properties, and testing standards. Figure 4 RUBBER-65A BLK will be available late June 2020.

3D Systems also introduced Accura Fidelity, an SLA resin which is antimony free and features ultra-low viscosity. Users will be able to fabricate patterns for a range of different castable metals, like titanium and aluminum. Casting yields are improved as the new material allows for quick production of patterns that are easily handled. This product is already available.

When used as part of 3D Systems’ QuickCast process, Accura Fidelity enables rapid creation of medium to large, lightweight, and easy-to-handle casting patterns – leading to increased casting yields.

“The new Accura Fidelity material for stereolithography printing has improved the post-processing of our QuickCast investment casting patterns,” said Nancy Holt, director of operations, 3D Systems On Demand. “The low viscosity of this material facilitates better drainage and faster cleaning of the patterns, resulting in an expected increase in throughput by up to 30% as we move into full production with this material. The ultimate test is in its castability, and our foundry customers are providing very positive feedback. One customer, SeaCast, said the QuickCast pattern with Accura Fidelity casted extremely well with their process and they were very pleased with the final metal part.”

Accura Patch and Accura Bond are also being introduced, for use with 3D Systems SLA resins. The product names speak for themselves as pattern drain holes can be filled in post-processing, and materials can also be joined to create one larger pattern. Both of these materials will be available in July.

Figure 4 JEWEL MASTER GRY: meant to expand options for jewelry makers, this new material improves workflows in jewelry casting, master patterns for molds, and prototype/fit check models. This material meets biocompatibility standards (ISO 10933-5) regarding cytotoxicity. 3D Systems expects it to be available in late June.

Figure 4 JEWEL MASTER GRY – a versatile master pattern material for high volume jewelry silicone molds and for prototype/fit models.

“Our team has continued developing new materials across our plastics portfolio to address a broader set of production applications and providing data sheets with key test results and performance specs to make it easy for our customers to make the optimal material choice for their needs,” said Menno Ellis, SVP and general manager, plastics, 3D Systems. “Our material scientists and technical experts have leveraged decades of experience to engineer these high performing materials to deliver accurate, economical, and repeatable results to enable our customers to maintain competitive advantage.”

These new materials will be on hand at the virtual ‘Go Digital, Stay Agile’ event on July 8th. The event will focus on how 3D printing and conventional manufacturing methods can complement one another in business. Individuals attending will be able to meet with experts and discuss specific applications. See 3D Systems for more information.

3D Systems continues to innovate, offering new software, new technology, and more. What do you think of this news? Let us know your thoughts! Join the discussion of this and other 3D printing topics at 3DPrintBoard.com.

Parts produced using Figure 4 RUBBER-65A BLK and 3D Systems’ Figure 4 technology can be produced faster than other similar competitive materials that require a secondary thermal post-cure.

[Source / Images: 3D Systems]

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