3D Printing Interview with Shibu John of 3DPERA

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Shibu John

Shibu John has his PhD in Media Consolidation. He is a technology evangelist and a turnaround specialist who promotes 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain. He is currently the secretary general and founder at 3D Printing Education & Research Association (3DPERA). He is also the founder of Trinity Group and a promoter for 3D Printing World/ AI World/ Blockchain World.

Give us some background on how you have reached this point in your career.

I have been in the media space working for last 20 plus years with all the leading companies in India. I did my PhD and thesis on media consolidation. I worked with various television platforms that promote new tech. I would see myself as a technology evangelist. I have been well versed in the ability to create platforms within my career in media. I have been able to see various technology and 3D printing is one technology which interested me. And so wanted to explore the possibilities of promoting the technology for all sector respondents to benefit. This has allowed me to be a connector and evangelist for corporations. So after working with various media companies I started my own media company in 2013 to offer media solutions to small and medium enterprise. I have been well versed in the ability to create platforms within my career. So with the interest I created the 3D Printing World Community Club. The club was a consortium to promote events and conferences. And it has allowed me to be a connector and evangelist for corporations.

Trinity Media & Marketing Solutions

What intrigues you in terms of 3D Printing as a whole?

We are in an age for people who can make a choice in their products or solutions. 3D Printing helps people to think and believe that design can be nurtured and be translated to products as per their choice. Design thinking is the future. The future generation wants no compromises in terms of their choices. Mass customization is going to be the future generation’s wants. My passion also lies within how we can use this technology within schools. It allows students to learn about the importance of design thinking within the world. Since 3D Printing is used in all sectors we believe this technology will be needed for everybody. So it can be well understood as our credit line say’s – “3D Printing World – 3D Printing for All, creative imagination made real”.


Can you explain what the organization 3D Printing World does?

Our focus is to work on training and education. We want to give basic knowledge to engineering colleges, schools, dental colleges, and medical colleges. We want to help people to think in terms of design. It allows people to get creative. We also want people to print their own products that can be practical for their day to day usage. Nurturing the mind to give people a thought process that they can make something of their own is critical. Once you start making, people become more active and it allows people to become confident. People become autonomous with this technology. It is motivating and it allows people to become an independent thinker. This stirs entrepreneurial activity. We are trying to give dental colleges access to these resources so that their students may be able to have practice with this technology before they are able to start their professional careers. This technology will be readily important to their careers. This similar concept can be applied to engineering colleges as well as medical colleges. As an organization we are touching upon every aspect of this industry. It is important to make an integrated and conscious effort for this technology. 3D Printing has to be recognized as an industry. We are trying to build the ecosystem of skills and people within the industry especially for individuals here in India. 3D GRAPHY is the initiative for training and education we have set for schools, medical college, engineering college and design schools.

What are your thoughts on the skills gap that is within the world in terms of technical 3D Printing?

I think there is a need to educate and train. In developing countries and nations there are some initiatives being done. In India, this technology is in the infant stage. In India, there are some centre offering training. But this needs to be instituted as a certification course through universities. It takes a conscious effort to build towards this in India. There needs to be effort done in terms of certification for students in India. India is still trying to believe in the fact that this has future possibility. The skill gap can be filled with time, but a proper directive should be there with the government of India as well. And so have formed an association titled 3D Printing Education & Research Association a non profit organisation which will work closely with all the stakeholders, Government bodies and the policy makers.

3DPERA Committee

How do you see the media interacting with the 3D Printing industry in the future?

In recent times, the media has been covering 3D Printing frequently. Media really influences the course. Media is taking a key interest in promoting this industry within India. As a media marketing solution company, my organization works as a PR agency. We ourselves know the importance of media and how it influences. We are also looking into televised programs to come and help cover our events as well. We propose to invite all the main line publication and TV channels to cover our 5th edition of our flagship event 3D PRINTING WORLD 2019 – Conference, Show & Awards which will be held in the Financial capital of India, MUMBAI @ The Orchid Hotel a 5 star venue on 29th November 2019. We propose to invite all the top industrialist, Government, policy makers , 3D printing companies and end users.

Lastly, what is the future of education within the 3D Printing world?

It will be really big. We are working closely with various stakeholders and policy makers. The first goal should be to figure out how this technology can be proliferated globally. In different areas of the world this is slowly growing. It is important to have a large presence of learning and education in various places. It is important to have places and hubs in cities for learning 3D Printing. It is important to have a hands on experience. Technically sound skill is important for people, especially at a young age.

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