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The new Xtreme series will be shown for the very first time in USA from 20th to 23rd of May during the most important event in North America for 3D printing. During the exhibition, Roboze has in store an amazing opportunity for new resellers to start new synergies

May 13th, 2019 -Bari, Italy

ROBOZE Xtreme series will be shown for the very first time in Detroit, in USA, for the RAPID+TCT 2019 exhibition, the most important event dedicated to 3D printing and additive manufacturing in North America. After the launch at Formnext 2018, the new 3D printers series by Roboze – composed of the desktop/production additive manufacturing systems ROBOZE One Xtreme and ROBOZE One+400 Xtreme – improves its performances with new innovative elements, able to meet the most extreme needs.

In a sector like the manufacturing one, marked by Industry 4.0, aiming at the automation and digitalization of the production processes, ROBOZE offers strategic solutions for end users in order to create an added value and significant competitive advantages. As a confirmation of this, important news by Roboze will be presented for the very first time in North America for the RAPID+TCT 2019 exhibition in Detroit.

The new ROBOZE Xtreme series

ROBOZE Xtreme series is designed to create a point of contact between the desktop versions, Roboze One and Roboze One+400, and the Argo 500, the first solution of the production series. This last one, in particular, represents the way ROBOZE meets the need of producing large-scale finished parts with high-temperature super polymers and composite materials for those advanced industries where performances are fundamental. Argo 500 is equipped with a heated chamber that reaches temperatures up to 180° (356°F), and allows for the production of large-scale finished components with polymeric materials that are able to replace metals like PEEK, CARBON PEEK, ULTEM™ AM9085F and CARBON PA. Moreover, it has our HVP extruder (designed and produced by ROBOZE R&D team and patent pending) that can reach extrusion temperatures up to 550°C (1022°F). The buildplate is 500x500x500mm (19.67×19.67×19.67in) and it is the solutions that, more than others, is changing the focus of 3D printing from simple prototyping to the production of large-scale finished parts for aerospace, defense, oil & gas and motorsport sectors.

The news of ROBOZE Xtreme series, that will be presented at the exhibition in Detroit, bring the desktop version to the world of Argo 500 production with a system that is closer to the needs of the manufacturing sector, always looking for new Metal Replacement solutions with additive manufacturing systems.

The Beltless System, patented by the company, evolves in this new desktop/production line: the racks are machined with chemical nickel plating, which increases the precision (15 micron) the resistance to corrosion and wear and reduces the contact friction between rack and pinion.

The range of materials gets wider, offering 12 different materials, including high temperature superpolymers like PEEK and composite materials like CARBON PA (the strongest material in the sector with 138 Mpa tensile strength) and Carbon PEEK, carbon fiber filled, for the first time available on a desktop/production system.

Moreover, the new Roboze Xtreme printers, provides the innovative Support System Cabinet (SSC), a support cabinet designed for the unloading of machine vibrations which, in addition to presenting a space dedicated to the control of materials moisture absorption and pre-heating.   

The Vacuum Box for vacuum generation is also housed inside this system. The vacuum system guarantees perfect adhesion to the printing surface and greater first-layer flatness to simplify and speed up operations, and allows to cool down the HVP extruder, designed and produced by ROBOZE R&D team for the management of high viscosity and high performance materials, using a compressed air cooling system.

In terms of materials, the new Roboze Xtreme solutions offer more versatility with a portfolio, that is increased with 4 new materials, in comparison with the previous version: Glass PA, PP, Carbon PP and Carbon PEEK. Carbon PEEK, in particular, adds better thermal stability and mechanical properties compared to the extraordinary performance of PEEK.

ROBOZE One+400 XTREME 3D printer, 60 days trial for American resellers

The exhibition in Detroit will be an important chance for ROBOZE to meet new players of the North American scenario.

“In terms of demand, the North American is one of the most important markets for ROBOZE”, declares Alessio Lorusso, CEO & Founder. “The technology we offer is the answer that today US businessmen are looking for to strengthen their productivity with high temperature and composite materials for the production of finished parts with the maximum precision. Our solutions are chosen by the best key players of the sector and we want to offer end users the chance to be supported by business partners, ready to help and assist with their expertise and know-how”.

The RAPID+TCT 2019 exhibition will be the chance for ROBOZE to extend its business network. To the new resellers, selected by Roboze and considered in line with its company vision, ROBOZE will offer the chance to get confident with its technology for free for 60 days, sending the flagship system in the ROBOZE portfolio, the Roboze One+400 XTREME, already chosen by many leaders in the sector like KTM.

Rapid+TCT will give us the opportunity to show the North American market the best of our 3D printers, and I am sure that it will offer us the chance to create new and interesting synergies, aiming at meeting the strong need of 3D printing solutions with high temperature superpolymers and composite materials for Metal Replacement, showed by US users,” concludes Alessio Lorusso.

A unique chance for the US resellers, looking for increasing their business opportunities and satisfying the great demand of Metal Replacement with additive manufacturing systems.

In-depth sessions by SABIC at ROBOZE booth

In order to SHARE the amazing properties of ULTEM™ AM9085F FILAMENT, ROBOZE – together with one its strategic collaborators, SABIC – will describe the extreme advantages offered by the use of this great material, through some dedicated in-depth sessions, that will give the ROBOZE visitors the chance to discover the excellent properties and possible final applications of this high temperature and high performance material.

RAPID+TCT will take place from 20th to 23rd of May 2019 at Cobo Center in Detroit, Michigan.

ROBOZE team will be there at the booth 1665, as always ready to print strong like metal.

ULTEM™ is a trademark of SABIC.

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