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It’s been known for well over a year now that Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HPQ) has been planning to enter the 3D printing space. While rumors have been quite broad, ranging from industrial level glass 3D printers, to consumer level machines which could potentially compete with the likes of MakerBot, up until now nothing has been released publicly.

As recently as the beginning of this month, Hewlett Packard announced that they will be splitting into two companies. Current CEO Meg Whitman will remain the head of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, while Dion Weisler will take on the reigns of CEO for the newly formed HP Inc. HP Inc. will handle the PC, desktop printer, and most intriguing of them all, 3D printers. The only question remains is exactly what the 3D printing portion of the business will encompass.

Today is the day that Hewlett Packard is expected to announce their entrance into the 3D printing space. While nothing has been confirmed with 100% certainty, from individuals who we have spoken to, who have connections to those within the company, 3D printing will be a huge part of today’s special event in New York. We are fortunate enough to be able to live blog the event straight to our readers, so as we learn what is going on, you will too.

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Events/Announcements will be ordered from newest (top of this article) to oldest (bottom of this article). For those of you interested in discussing this announcement as it is happening, please chat it up in the HP 3D Printing Announcement forum thread on


– Should be very exciting to see what comes about with this.

– Here is Blended Reality. hpevent-blendedreality3

– Closing with a commercial that will be airing tonight on the Tonight Show.

– hpevent-blendedreality2

– I love the enthusiasm of Weisler.  He will make a great CEO of HP Inc.

– Weisler is back on stage.

– Big round of applause for Sprout.

– hpevent-sprout4

– The Sprout platform will continue to expand.

– This weekend in Best Buy and Microsoft stores.  On shelves on November 9th!

– Launching in Best Buy, HSN, HP, Microsoft store and B&H

– The bed (magic mat) is spill proof, created with help from 3M.

– Microsoft, Intel, 3M, DLP tech are launch partners.

– Sprout is so incredible.  You put an object on the bed, it is scanned, and then it appears on that same bed with the ability to manipulate it with your hands or other tools.  So hard to explain but very impressive.

– Great for archiving objects into the digital realm.  Don’t need photography when you can have 3D rendering of things.

– Many different creative people are talking about how Sprout is helping them out.

– Demonstrations are very interesting and quite amazing.

– Watching video of an artist using Sprout.

– Sprout is not a finish product and it will never be a finished product.

– For the past 2-3 months, HP has given Sprout to artists, to test it out.

– Encouraging a developer outreach program.  They are looking to get developers on board.

– Martha Stewart even created an app for Sprout. Allows fans to create cards, invites, etc.

– Huge amount of partners, including Skype, Office, Crayola, Martha Stewart, etc.

– As a hardware company, HP would have stopped at the 3D Printer, but they stumbled upon magic (Sprout).  If you scan in an image it is loaded into the Sprout workspace.

– Remove collaboration for creators.  Sprout allows you to scan objects and then 3D print them.  The objects can be manipulated with a stylus pen, a web cam, your hands and much more.


– Everyone is a creator.  Sprout will help us all.

– Technology has evolved.

– The genesis of sprout started deep in the R&D lab with a few engineers with a vision of creating a better experience for people wanting to create.  For thousands of years people have used their hands to create….

– Sprout by HP. New speaker on stage…

– hpevent-sprout2

– hpevent-sprout

– This is really cool

– Emnersive Computing – ‘Sprout’ by HP

– Why shouldn’t we be able to go from thought to expression in an instance.

– Back to Blended Reality.  To unlock potential of 3D printing, we need to model in 3D, and we need something better than we have today.  Need to bring objects from physical into the digital and modify them.

– Will allow companies to reimagine unique parts.  Not all there is today!!

– Multiple patents filed on this technology.  The print bar makes the magic happen.  30,000 nozzles on the print bar.  Will forever change the landscape of 3D printing.

– Jokingly… “The printer is printing itself, we will only sell one!”

– Weisler takes stage again..

– Quick review: Functional parts, atleast 10 times faster than any other technology today.  High quality parts combining precision and strength.  Lower cost printer with lower cast parts.  Open Platform.  HP’s vision for 3D Print is to change industry….

– Ability to change properties of parts.  Modify elasticity, and with use of detailing agent, change the texture of the parts produced.

– Color and strength at the same time.  Color like none other.

– Some things HP is working on. – color, elasticity, and texture.

– Shapeways CEO leaves stage.

– Every time prices are decrease the demand increases so much.  They are working hard to decrease price….. this should help…

– Shapeways see the technology solving a lot of problems within their business model.  It will change the diversity of products that Shapeways designers can make.  Prices will also come down.

– Shapeways’ CEO now on stage.

– Here it is!hpevent-printer

– Beta versions of printer coming in 2015.  2016 it will be released.

– Open customer engagement program announced, to let people develop the technology for HP.

– The printer is revealed!

– Terry Wohlers: If you aren’t blown away by HP’s announcement you dont understand.  It’s going to rewrite the rules n the 3D Printing industry.

– Carl Bass – Amazing things happening.

– Carl Bass and Terry Wohlers talking about the 3D Printing market.

– Open platform approach to multijet.  They want to leverage the world.  Allow others to come in and innovate on the HP platform.  If someone has an idea, they can come to HP and work with them to expand the applications.

– Parts can hold extreme weight (showing it supporting a car)

– Printer can print own parts.

– 3 hours to do what SLS machines take 38 hours to do.

– Laser sintering only provides 200-400 microns.

– Uses a pagewide print bar.  Facts: over 350 million drops per second at 21 micron precision.

– How multijet fusion works.  Layer of powder is laid down, then fusing agent is applied, and at same time, a detailing agent is used for high definition.  Then it is hit with an energy source and the layer is complete.

– Printer will cost lower than any others in the class.  Parts produced will cost less as well.  Speed, quality and cost together!

– HP feels they can make a significant contribution.  A multijet fusion.  10X’s faster than any technology today!!

– Problems today, is speed, and costs.  Quality is acheivable but too expensive.

– Showing a gear on the screen.  The future of manufacturing will change.  HP sees incredible potential with 3d printing.  See potential to change industries and economies.  Ready to lead industrial revolution.

– New speaker….

– Not just another 3D printer, but a tool for the next industrial revolution.

– Bringing their expertise to 3D printing, leveraging their advancements.  New technology – Multi Jet Fusion

– You’ve all heard of 3D printing.  We are excited too.  Most of this is generated in the consumer space.  For HP to enter the market, they want to solve the fundamental corporate problems of speed,cost and quality.

– Presentation video.

– Vision and promise is simple.  They call it blended reality.

– HP is focusing on bringing our physical and digital worlds together.  Creating a virtual cycle of creativity operating in 3D.

– We deserve better than what is currently out there.  Today’s 3D printing is slow, expensive and lacks real quality.  At HP we focus on technology.

– There is a divide between our physical and digital world.hpevent3d

– Innovators have created tools with their hands to create the industrial revolution.  We have created a digital world with these hands as well.

– We live in a 3D physical world.  We use our hands to create in 3D.

– Intensely focused on wave 1, but he wants to talk about a wave 2 product and wave 3 product.  Introducing “Blended Reality”

– 3 Waves (1) Majority of HP’s business, including mainstream products HP offers like PC, printers, ink, etc.  (2) Anticipating the future, things we are familiar with but not yet mainstream (internet of things, wearables, 3D printing). (3) Not quite definable in today’s landscape.  Pure invention, made up of many projects.

– Dion Weisler CEO of HP Inc. is introducedhpevent-weisler

– Here we go!

– Everyone is getting situated.  Program is about to begin.

– Announcement to guests to make their way to their seats.  Program to begin in 5 minutes.

– The Stage is ready for something special!


– People are beginning to file into the conference room!

– The HP Launch Event is scheduled to kickoff in twenty minutes! STAY TUNED, and be sure to refresh often.

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