3D Printing: The Stories We Missed This Week – March 11, 2017


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In this week’s edition of “Stories We Missed,” we’ve got the latest 3D printing news from the medical sector, an artistic Kickstarter campaign, and more. Stratasys is 3D printing pediatric heart models for 200 patients in a clinical study, while Italy-based CRP Technology prepares to showcase its high-performance Windform materials at the 2017 JEC World show in Paris next week. Metal 3D printing startup Digital Alloy Inc., born from NVBots, receives Silicon Valley funding, Groupe Gorge plans to launch an IPO for its 3D printing division, and JCAD-Inc. wants to give you a $500 voucher, no strings attached. Finally, Bre & Co. launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new 3D printed ceramic bud vase.

Stratasys 3D Prints Pediatric Heart Models for Clinical Study

stratasys-3d-printed-heart-modelA new study, 3DHEART, is taking a closer look at the impact patient-specific 3D printed organ models can have for pediatric heart surgeons as they prepare to enter the operating room. Nonprofit organization OpHeart, which aims to improve the outcomes and odds for children who are born with life-threatening heart defects, is managing the study. 3DHEART will focus specifically on pediatric congenital heart patients who need difficult two-ventricle repairs, studying the prevalence of surgical complications, physician assessment of utility, mortality, and cardiopulmonary bypass time. Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is supporting this important study by 3D printing the patient-specific heart models, using its Connex multi-material, full color 3D printers and patient CT and MRI scans. A total of 400 patients will participate in the study: half will be treated without the pre-operative help of the 3D printed heart models, and the results of these patients will be compared against the results of the 200 whose surgeons were able to “practice” with the accurate 3D printed heart models before the surgery.

“Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is honored to contribute to such an impactful study with the potential to revolutionize surgical planning and change patients’ lives for the better. We understand the critical nature of this work and we’ve worked with the study investigators to develop a robust and responsive production process that puts these models in surgeons’ hands in as little as three days,” said Greg Reynolds, VP of Additive Manufacturing at Stratasys Direct Manufacturing.

CRP Technology and Windform Materials Headline JEC World Show a Second Time 

bebop2-drone-body-windformJEC World is the largest international gathering of composites professionals, where the focus is on the end-user. The show takes place next week in Paris, and for the second year in a row, CRP Technology, one of CRP Group‘s specialized companies, will be attending as an exhibitor, with its high-performance laser sintering Windform materials.

The polyamide-based glass fiber reinforced composite material Windform GT, which combines impact resistance, ductility, and elasticity, was used to manufacture the main structure of the Parrot Bebop 2 drone’s functional prototype, as well as two generative orthoses, constructed together with MHOX Generative Design Studio. Windform GT is not electrically conductive, but is waterproof, just like CRP Technology’s composite polyamide-based carbon-filled Windform SP. This material, used to make an automotive intake manifold, has an increased resistance to deformation, shock, and vibration. There are a total of four ‘planets,’ or areas, at JEC World 2017. The Bebop 2 drone’s body and orthoses will be on display at the Better Living Innovation Planet, while the functional prototype of the intake manifold can be seen at the Automotive & Land Transportation Innovation Planet.

NVBots 3D Printing Startup Produces a New Startup

nvbotsNVBots, a Boston-based 3D printing startup with roots at MIT, now has its own startup, but lost its CEO. Duncan McCallum, who was named the CEO of NVBots last summer, will now be the CEO of Digital Alloys Inc., a metal 3D printing startup which officially formed in January. AJ Perez, co-founder and chairman of NVBots, will continue on at the original startup, which was founded by four MIT engineers and makes a shared use 3D plastic printer.

Digital Alloys just announced that it has raised $5 million from Khosla Ventures, in Silicon Valley. It’s built around a new technology that’s able to 3D print single items with more than one type of metal.

In a statement, Vijit Sabnis, venture partner at Khosla Ventures, said, “Digital Alloys is building the fastest metal 3D printer we’ve ever seen, and it uses low-cost wire as its raw material. These factors will yield large advantages in cost-per-printed-part. The ability to mix metals in a single part will enable customers to create new products with thermal, electrical, magnetic, and mechanical properties that would be impossible to achieve any other way.”

Groupe Gorgé Launching IPO on Prodways Group

groupe-gorgeGroupe Gorgé, which specializes in high-tech industries, is planning to make an initial public offering (IPO) on Prodways Group, the 3D printing division it strategically acquired back in 2013, this year on Euronext Paris, subject to market conditions. The IPO will take the group to its second phase of growth, by raising funds to ramp up the 3D printing division’s production. Prodways Group already enjoyed an increase in revenue from €0.1 million to over €25 million in just three years. Groupe Gorgé plans to stay on as the largest long-term shareholder, so the IPO will be a capital increase, and should accelerate the group’s “ambitious strategy of market share gains.”

Prodways Group has two separate divisions: Products (industry applications and parts on request) and Systems (machines and materials). It is the only European company present at each stage of the 3D printing value chain, and is backed by its patented MOVINGLight DLP technology, along with its extensive export market.

JCAD Inc. Offering $500 Voucher for Your Next Project

jcad-voucherOne-stop-shop JCAD Inc., which specializes in 3D printing, CAD design, and prototyping, wants to raise awareness about its new Ultimate Guide to Designing, Prototyping and Mass Manufacturing Your Product Idea, and what better way to do so than by giving away a free gift? If you have a new product idea you’re developing and want to win a $500 JCAD voucher to help you on your way, you’ll first have to sign up for the JCAD newsletter email list. Then, you’ll need to explain what it is you would do if you won the prize (all answers strictly confidential), and then either refer at least one other person to the competition via its referral action, or simply tweet about the contest.

The contest is only for US residents, excluding Tennessee, North Dakota, and Nebraska. JCAD Inc. CEO Jason Vander Griendt will judge the competition and choose a winner based on the creativity of participants’ intended use for the voucher. The winner will be notified within one week of the contest’s closing date via email. See the full contest terms and conditions for more information.

Bre & Co. Launches Second Kickstarter Campaign

bre-co-bud-vasesBre & Co., the startup founded by former MakerBot CEO Bre Pettis, started its latest Kickstarter campaign just a few days ago, for its lovely Bre & Co. Bud Vase. In just four days, the campaign has already been successfully funded, and has made nearly four times its original goal. The Bud Vase was digitally designed in CAD 3D modeling software first, being produced on a Lutum ceramic 3D printer. The vase is inspired by the work of George Ohr, the self-proclaimed “Mad Potter of Biloxi” who was active from around 1880-1910. The vases, featuring an organic aesthetic with a somewhat “squashed shape,” are available in just two colors: a white, glossy glaze, and a blue rutile glaze. Each Bud Vase is handcrafted in the Bre & Co. workshop.

This Kickstarter campaign comes right after the successful crowdfunding campaign for Bre & Co.’s 3D printed Adventure Owl.

Pettis said, “We decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for some of our smaller, more artistic pieces.”

The Bud Vases are available on Kickstarter for a limited time, though if interest is great enough they may be available on the Bre & Co. website at a later date. One vase costs $39, plus a $6 shipping fee, or you can purchase one of each color for just $75. Check out the Kickstarter campaign video to learn more:

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