Jabil Circuit, Inc. Offers New Services, Including 3D Printing, Offering Competitive Edge for Clients

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jabil_fullcolorlogo-jpgJabil Circuit, Inc. has their customers in mind as they begin offering new services that will allow them to work more effectively in a competitive marketplace and thrive in this digital economy. They’ve just announced that they will be enhancing their manufacturing services with Innovation Acceleration Services. As the name would suggest, they are speeding up the process of product development and the path to commercialization.

This new service is one that allows the customer to take time into their control more effectively, responding to changes and demands, but as Jabil points out, now they will have reduced risk and reduced costs in terms of what is usually associated with the design process, the supply chain, manufacturing, and compliance challenges that arise.

 “Innovating at the speed of digital requires continual application of new technologies, automation, analytics and manufacturing know-how,” says Bill Muir, chief operating officer at Jabil. “We’re developing a complete ecosystem of digital connections to create new business opportunities, improve experiences and deliver added value, from start to finish.”

We last reported on Jabil as they signed on to take over the assembly of MakerBot 3D printers, removing the responsibility from the Brooklyn factory. This deal was signed due to their status as a global manufacturer, with headquarters in the US, but also many other facilities around the world. Now, with a focus on allowing their customers to compete with even greater strength than before, they will be offering the following:

3d-sensing-_-gesture-recognition-19522801Digital Prototype Lab (DPL) and associated services – with the Radius DPL, customers have access to a full-service rapid prototyping facility. Radius was acquired by Jabil in 2012, and the company sees their value in allowing customers access to complete user insight, design, build, analysis and testing services—all under one roof. The ‘cross-functional team’ offers concept, and UX/UI development, speed-to-innovation, digital service delivery design and go-to-market capabilities.

This facility has superior equipment, to include:

  • 3D printers
  • CT scanners
  • 5-axis CNC machining
  • Areas for finishing, painting, and assembly
  • Testing facilities

“Radius helped us bring our technology vision to life—in six weeks—by delivering a tangible product to show our growing partner ecosystem,” says Dr. Yitao Liao, Chief Innovation Officer, RayVio. “Using advanced technologies, Radius powered through 200 product iterations to produce prototypes in half the time it normally takes. Jabil’s ability to offer all these integrated capabilities under one roof can greatly reduce time-to-market and the costs associated with introducing any new technology.”

With Radius DPL, Jabil states that customers can look forward to proof-of-concept models within as little as five weeks (compared to the traditional 12 to 26 weeks).

Managed Supply Chain Services / Procurement Visibility and Value – powered by Jabil’s InControl Intelligent Digital Supply Chain and Procurement Intelligence Platform, new managed services have the benefit of Jabil’s industry experience and expertise behind them. Jabil’s procurement services also allow clients access to strategies for purchasing as well as capabilities for advanced outsourcing. Execution and purchasing support is provided as well.

Risk mitigation is also a benefit, along with increased visibility while the supply chain is being improved and accelerated. According to the Jabil team, they are able to optimize supply chain networks as they assimilate structured and unstructured data to allow user-defined scenario planning and network optimization modeling. Managed Procurement Services boost purchasing efficiency and drive cost savings. They even offer a service that addresses items such as conflict minerals.

“With Jabil’s InControl intelligent digital supply chain, we now have real-time access to vital data for more than 700 suppliers,” says Oscar Zamorano, SVP Operations & Supply Chain, iRobot Corporation. “Jabil gives us the intelligence we need to lower compliance risk, and the special expertise to reinforce our role as good corporate citizens.”

3D printing and additive manufacturing services to accelerate new product introductions for large-scale production – obviously, 3D printing plays a substantial part in Jabil’s business future, so here they are now offering solutions backed by their many years of experience. Their goal is to see 3D printing disrupt traditional manufacturing and offer transformation. Capabilities in this area include materials development and qualification, process development and validation as well as supply chain integration. The company states that they see customers saving time by up to seven weeks when it comes to getting a product to market.


 “We are excited to unveil these value-added digital services to help both new and existing customers complete their innovation cycles in a fraction of the time,” says Muir, who formally introduced the new services at Jabil’s Analyst & Investor Meeting in St. Petersburg. “Jabil is uniquely positioned to drive digital transformations, creating new avenues of business growth and enhanced revenue streams.”

Jabil is a comprehensive product solutions company specializing in electronics design, production, and product management for global electronics, as well as technology companies. They offer supply chain management from in 28 countries, working in a range of industries. Discuss further in the Jabil 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.


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