3D Hubs Announces Infusion of $7 Million with Completion of Series B Financing

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logo-hubs (1)The industry of 3D printing is extremely versatile in range, from the titans—companies that have been in business for decades—to startups we only just heard about last week. We have the pleasure of reporting on challenges for new companies to pitch their wares, dynamic partnerships, as well as reporting earnings for significant players in the industry. And while there are ups and downs and transitions for many, a handful of companies seem to have been set on a path for success since their inception. 3D Hubs would be one.

Ironically, 3D Hubs is also a company responsible for helping with the successes of other businesses, giving us their (now quarterly) trend reports, printing guides, and more—all of which assess what equipment is most popular and drive it home with comparisons, discussions on geography, and fortify makers around the world with monthly events. That, however, is only a sliver of what 3D Hubs does, truly specializing in fortifying their ever-growing network of 3D printing specialists around the world. If you need something printed, chances are someone is local to you and arrangements can be made expediently through 3D Hubs. You just have to live in one of oh—160 countries where their hubs exist. Shouldn’t be hard!

And certainly that momentum will just keep on going with an infusion of $7 million, just announced as 3D Hubs completes Series B financing, led by EQT Ventures, and followed by original backer Balderton Capital. With this in place, Ted Persson, Design Partner at EQT Ventures, will be joining the 3D Hubs Board of Directors. EQT Ventures is a new European VC fund with commitments of just over €566 million—and offices in Stockholm, Amsterdam, London and Luxembourg. The new funds solidify 3D Hubs’ position even further in the 3D printing marketplace as they continue to forge ahead, adding new printers to their network on a constant basis—as well as new countries.


While offering a multitude of desktop services for product designers and engineers, according to the Amsterdam-headquartered company, they are now producing 40,000 3D prints per month. This indicates quite a solid business model, as well as a popular and growing network, with a +1,200% increase since the company’s round of Series A funding in 2014. Industrial 3D printers play a large role in their networks around the world too, with 3D Hubs reporting that they currently have a total of 16 Fortune 100 companies that use their network services, serving industries like auto, aerospace, and healthcare.

Founded just three short years ago, what this team has accomplished is nothing short of amazing. They are undeniably well-known players in the 3D printing space, not limited to one type of technology, material, or product. Their network comes together as one, offering a streamlined platform for users in virtually any area. They are the embodiment of making this technology accessible and affordable.

“We were inspired by the profoundly positive impact that online marketplaces have had on many industries, and we wanted to establish that same marketplace for 3D printing,” said Bram de Zwart, CEO and co-founder of 3D Hubs. “Our team of investors has a deep understanding of online marketplace dynamics, and we’re thrilled to announce that EQT has joined us in our mission to decentralize manufacturing.”

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Since 2013, 3D Hubs has also welcomed investors Spotify, Uber, and Booking.com. As their Series B funding reaches completion, the company now also shows funding from:

It’s not surprising to hear that this company by all signs should continue to do nothing but go up, with the financing behind them to allow them to keep encouraging users around the world to go forward with designs, products, and prototypes via their network.

“We’ve only seen the beginning of what 3D printing will offer, and 3D Hubs is by far the most well-positioned company we’ve encountered in this space. We are very impressed with what Bram, Brian and the rest of the team have managed to build in just under 3 years, so when EQT Ventures was invited to support their future journey we didn’t hesitate,” said Ted Persson, Design Partner at EQT Ventures, who will join 3D Hubs’ Board of Directors.

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“It’s rare to see a company that has such an immediate disruptive effect on both software companies and physical supply chains. 3D Hubs has already started changing the way designers and producers think and work.” said James Wise, who led the investment at Balderton Capital.

While there are service bureaus in place around the world, 3D Hubs is certainly the most cohesive and well-known, not to mention convenient. Product designers and engineers can turn to them not just for prototypes or one-offs but also small production runs. This company is the face of on-demand 3D printing, and a role model to many. It’s easy to see why others would want to invest in them. Discuss this latest news over in the 3D Hubs Completes Investment Round forum at 3DPB.com.

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