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3D Printing: The Stories We Didn’t Cover This Week — June 4, 2016

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This week’s 3D printing news covers a new board appointment at Graphene 3D Lab, Inc. Also, a new 3D printing Master’s level course in the UK has been added at Anglia Ruskin University. Voxel8 is now shipping the Voxel8 Developer’s Kit, and Nano Dimension has filed for a US patent for the 3D printing of stem cells. SmarTech Publishing has hired Davide Sher, who has shared his insights with for some time now, to expand the company’s research and analysis activities, and FATHOM is in the midst of a huge expansion at its Oakland production facility.

Graphene 3D Lab Inc. Appoints New Board Member

graph1Mr. A. Paul Gill has recently joined the Board of Directors for Graphene 3D Lab, which has been in our headlines quite a bit lately, most recently when they added an astonishing oil-absorbing foam to their growing line of graphene materials. Gill was an early supporter of graphene commercialization and an investor in Graphene 3D Lab through Lomiko Technologies, where he currently serves as CEO. Lomiko owns almost half of Graphene ESD, developer of graphene-based energy storage solutions, which is currently collaborating with a Graphene 3D Lab subsidiary to develop a graphene-based high-voltage superconductor. Until October 2006, Gill was heavily involved in the growth of Norsemont Mining where, as President and CEO, he capitalized the market from $1 to $50M.

UK Funds 3D Printing Master’s Level Course

gra23D printing is getting more attention in higher education, and recently in the UK, Anglia Ruskin University has added a new Master of Science program in Additive Manufacturing. This course – the only dedicated Master’s program focused on 3D printing in the UK – is open to people who have completed undergraduate STEM degrees, and those with an engineering background. Desktop and commercial 3D printers, along with direct metal laser sintering facilities at Anglia Ruskin’s MedBIC Innovation Centre, will give students the opportunity to design, develop and test engineering material solutions that range from plastics to metal.

Dr. Habtom Mebrahtu, a course leader for the MSc in Additive Manufacturing, explains the course here:

“Our course will help students to develop a career in advanced manufacturing engineering, or improve their skills if they are already working in the industry. Covering a range of topics from product design to 3D CAD modelling, additive manufacturing strategy to engineering management, the course will equip graduates with the skills required to produce prototypes and products across a range of industries including the biomedical and aviation sectors.”

Students will have the opportunity to carry out company projects and solve real-world manufacturing problems, delivering engineering and business solutions.

Voxel8 Now Shipping the Voxel8 Developer’s Kit

vox3Last year, the Massachussetts-based Voxel8 announced their revolutionary electronics printer, the Voxel8 Developer’s Kit. Now the company has announced that it has begun shipping the printer, starting with a shipment to Google Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), the first customer that expressed interest when pre-orders started. Voxel8 has a backlog of pre-orders that it is currently filling, and the Developer’s Kit is still being offered for the pre-order price of $8,999 for a limited time. The company also offers two additional packages for customers that want extra support and software features: the Professional package for $11,999 and the Enterprise package for $16,999.

US Patent Application Filed for Nano Dimension’s 3D Printed Tissues and Organs 

nan1Israel-based NanoDimension has announced that its fully-owned subsidiary, NanoDimension Technologies, has filed a US patent for the 3D printing of stem cells. The patent relates to the 3D printing of human tissues and organs using stem cells and inkjet technology. The application covers several points, including the conversion of MRI and CT scans, a proprietary software and more.

Nano Dimension announced a successful proof of concept last week after 3D printing stem cells in collaboration with fellow Israeli company Accellta Inc, which mass produces stem cells for research and regenerative medicine.

SmarTech Publishing  Welcomes New Analyst

davidSmarTech Publishing is a company that provides leading industry analysis and market forecasts for the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry. It has announced reporter Davide Sher as its new Senior Analyst of 3DP Adoption Studies. Sher, who frequently writes for us here at, will be responsible for expanding SmarTech’s market research and analysis activities by focusing on the issues and experiences of 3D printing end users.

He addresses his new position here:

“Joining a respected and experienced market analysis firm such as SmarTech Publishing is a great opportunity for me to leverage my experience in the 3DP space to provide potential 3D printing adopters with a clearer vision of the new possibilities in their own lines of work. Offering such guidance based on SmarTech Publishing’s forecasting and analysis platforms will lead to a unique series of reports, that will become required reading in the manufacturing industry.”

Sher will also be creating a series of adoption studies aimed at production managers in multiple industries. This report series will guide manufacturing professionals on how to best implement 3D printing in their businesses. Sher will also manage SmarTech’s marketing and public relations activities.

FATHOM Expands Oakland Production Space

fathom_logo_150x1003D printing services provider FATHOM is growing – a lot. In April, the company began expanding its Oakland, California production space in its largest square footage expansion to date; by the project’s completion, FATHOM’s Oakland manufacturing floor will have grown by over 11,000 square feet.

“Our customers’ needs for design freedom and faster speeds are the base of everything we do—FATHOM’s newly expanded Oakland production space is a direct result of the growing need for hybridized manufacturing-based services,” said Michelle Mihevc, FATHOM Co-Founder and Principal. “It’s gratifying to help people create products that were previously unmakeable, and we’re lucky to do that every day with innovative companies, large and small.”

The company expects that the expanded production space will be completed and ready to tour by the third quarter of 2016.

That’s all the news for this week! Did we miss something you’d like to share? Tell us over in the Week’s 3D Printing News forum at



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