When Coworkers Turn Into Happy Clients: HFA Now Owns Several BEEVERYCREATIVE 3D Printers

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e4420ccca1d3d9307434370b6ab1d7d7_400x400While great minds thinking alike certainly go far, when combined with business teams not afraid to try new things, the options are infinite. And with 3D printing in the picture, that’s literally true. In an interesting turn of events, all of these quotients played a part in the working relationship between BEEVERYCREATIVE and HFA—and how interesting to see the tables turned as a company once hired to help with electronics assembly instead also became a very happy customer.

As they point out at BEEVERYCREATIVE, it’s not always easy for a ‘fledgling company,’ founded just a couple of short years, ago to prove the excellence of their products. With the goal being to show off exactly what the worth is of their BEEVERYCREATIVE 3D printer to the world, they turned to HFA for their thoughts on the hardware.

Both companies have been very successful and have grown exponentially as well, with Henrique Ferreira, CEO and founder of HFA, pointing out that in 1995 his company started out with just a handful of employees, and have now expanded to 200 with their specialty being in providing customers all over the world with high quality, turnkey electric appliances. As the two companies worked together, the HFA team had a good deal of exposure to the BEEVERYCREATIVE products and became interested in having one at their office.

“The funny thing was that we began by hiring HFA to assemble the electronics inside our appliances and our 3D printers,” says Francisco Mendes, co-founder of BEEVERYCREATIVE. “Naturally, they decided to acquire one for themselves for what they thought was only demonstration purposes.”

presetnationAnd they did initially enjoy using the 3D printer in their meeting room for demos and prototypes on the spot. The interesting thing is that it did not stay there for long! It’s as if they’d been waiting for such a machine all along, with the 3D printer ending up on the production floor and being put to work as if they had a new employee. The HFA team started out making templates and prototypes, but as time went on, they became more and more creative with their uses.

“As is one of the core features of 3D printing, objects were created, tested and tweaked faster and cheaper than conventional methods, boosting productivity and lowering costs,” states the BEEVERYCREATIVE team. “So they started to use it, experiment with it, and they saw how useful it was in their production line, while solving problems they weren’t able to solve before very quickly, and with better results.”

Indeed, their uses for the 3D printer continued to expand, and it was quite a surprise to the BEEVERYCREATIVE team when upon reaching out to HFA for their input, they discovered exactly how much their customer was beginning to rely on the machines.

“… we found one of our original 3D printers not only in use, but way outside its comfort zone. A machine that was designed for home and educational use was thriving in an industrial setting, and so successfully that the same company had ordered two more new 3D printers from us,” says Mendes.


A 3D printed programming support

Team members on the production line at HFA began to feel very confident in using the 3D printers and as Marcelo Coelho pointed out, because he already had CAD experience, he was right at home in using the printer.

“I thought it would be pretty interesting, and that’s where my experience with 3D printing began,” said Coelho.

“Essentially, it lowers our tooling costs immensely and 3D printing reduces a lot of costs due to inexpensive costs, and it’s easy to build something from scratch. It’s easy to see what’s right, what’s wrong, what can be improved—and in that sense, it’s definitely an asset for us.”

illustratiomn2As an example, the team uses the BEEVERYCREATIVE printer to make programming supports, as well as other templates and products for clients—with all of the components proving to be very durable.

“I have no problem in saying it,” states Coelho, regarding the 3D printer. ”I think it’s great! I think it’s excellent. I haven’t had any noteworthy problems with the 3D printer or the prints themselves.”

The video below speaks volumes for the customer experience being offered by BEEVERYCREATIVE, as does the above image, showing the pieces which were used on around 50,000 circuit boards, with no need for maintenance at all.

In another great BEESTORY shared here, the team is truly able to take an authentic opportunity to show the magic and quality of their 3D printers—hardware which we report on quite often as they team up with designers around the world for exciting innovations as well as important projects like their latest with the European Space Agency. Discuss in the HFA & BEEVERYCREATIVE 3D Printers forum over at 3DPB.com.

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