Attention, Last-Minute Shoppers! 3D Printers Online Store Slashes Prices Until New Year’s Day

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Untitled“Are you ready for Christmas?” Oh, please. Don’t you wish you had a dollar for every time someone asks you that in December–from the grocery checkout to the dentist’s office? And don’t you sometimes wish you just could stop and really unload, giving an honest answer all about your busy schedule, shrinking budget, long list, and lack of ideas for a couple of those people who seem to have it all?

Most of us are in similar situations year after year trying to mark things off the list while enjoying the holiday season as well. But while we might have some complex people in our lives, that doesn’t necessarily mean they require complex shopping. All it takes is one great idea–and it’s a pretty good bet you’ve got some technogeeks on your list who are engrossed in 3D printing–or want to be. This technology, thankfully, has hit the mainstream just in time to allow for some very impressive holiday gifts.

And while many of the machines and accompanying features out there are simply mind-blowing, if you are looking in the right place, some of the price tags are as well. This year, that would be the case at 3D Printers Online Store. We’ve been keeping a close eye on their deals this year since they launched the Prusa xi3 at an extraordinarily low price, and have continued with that trend.

Now, for all those last-minute shoppers, they are highlighting some fantastic buying opportunities for the next few days. These 3D printers and other products are in limited quantities, so it’s best for to take a look and take action now if you are looking for a unique, quality product. The 3D Printers Online Store Christmas and Boxing Day Sale offers most every product for under $500, with some reduced much, much lower than that.


The Max Micron

The first product being highlighted is the Max Micron – Aluminium Frame Dual Head & Auto Levelling 3D Printer. We’ve written extensively about this printer recently, as gives so much to the user–at such a low price.

The Max Micron is one of the online store’s most recent additions to the 3D printer lineup, as a RepRap Prusa i3 style printer with a sturdy aluminum frame, offering a dual extruder, auto-leveling, and a laser-engraving function. With a remote feeding E3D extrusion system, the Max Micron is also much more lightweight than a traditional design, offering much greater facility in use for the user. The double extruders can also be easily adjusted for height.

The printer arrives as a kit, with options for upgrading at minimal pricing, which can be handy if you are interested in something like a larger print bed, which for example, can be expanded all the way to 250 x 250 x 160mm for only $40. Freebies such as 2kg of filament, an 8 GB SD card, and LCD screen are included also. The Christmas sale price for the Max Micron is $369, with limited quantities, and further price reductions for volume purchasing. Shipping is free to most countries.


The Max Micron Product Specs

Next, is the Folger Tech Cloner – Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit. This product is described as a combination between a simple erector set and a powerful desktop 3D printer. It arrives with everything you’ll need for assembling the versatile machine, which the 3D Printers Online Store team points out is a remake (and refinement) of a typical open-source design, featuring dual extruders.

The Folger Tech Cloner is a DIY product that’s been improved specifically for user-friendliness, featuring the RAMPS controller with Marlin, and the 2004 LCD with SD card for standalone printing without a PC. All you will need aside from the kit are basic tools, filament, and time set aside for project fun. The Christmas sale price for the Folger Tech Cloner is $360, with limited quantities, and further price reductions for volume purchasing. Shipping is free to the US.

Highlighted features:1-800x800

  • Impressive 230 x 150 x 120 mm build area
  • Compatible with ABS, PLA, Wood, HIPS, PETG and PVA (1.75mm)
  • Layer resolution of 50 microns
  • Print speed of 60 to 160 mm/sec
  • Supports SD card for offline printing.
  • Oak or melamine chassis
  • Can run 110V or 220V (Only Comes With US Cord)
  • Packed and shipped from the US

See here for a complete list of what is included in the kit.

This Christmas sale also offers a host of other products at seriously slashed prices–some with reductions as low as 50%, from the He 3D Cyclop Scanner at only $155, to the He 3D – XI3 High Precision NEW prusa I3 at only $238. Be sure to check out the whole lineup of holiday discounts.

As the 3D Printers Online Store team points out, there’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than by saving lots of cash–and with that in mind, remember–there’s also no shame in putting yourself high up on that Christmas list for great deals like this. These deals run from December 20th through January 1st.  Have you taken advantage of any of these bargains?  Let us know in the 3D Printer Deals forum on


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