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Happy Holidays! Check Out These 3D Printing Deals As You Finish Up Your Shopping

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Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? It’s fine, you’ve got eight days. (Seriously, when did that happen?) If you’re stumped on what to buy for a particular friend or family member, or your entire list of gift recipients, here’s a little help for you. If there are any 3D printing enthusiasts on your list, you’re in luck: several companies are offering sweet deals on printers and accessories for the holiday season. If you’ve already finished your Christmas shopping – well done! You deserve to buy yourself a present. How about a 3D printer? Now’s the time to buy one, because it may be quite some time before you see printer discounts like those below. Read on!

santa3DShook Santa Claus

For $1, you can purchase the files to print this multi-part Santa Claus figurine from 3DShook. Not only is it a great present for any kids in your life, you’re also helping other children to have a happy holiday as well: all proceeds go to the international Save the Children organization. 3DShook launched their unique platform earlier this year; the “subscription print on demand” service was the first of its kind.

 ROBO 3D Bundles

ROBO 3D is feeling seriously generous this year, offering three different discounted package deals:

  • R1 +Plus Bundle: The R1 +Plus 3D printer, which normally retails for $899, is being offered for $799, with a spool each of red and wood PLA filament and a build your own guitar kit included.
  • 3 Pack PLA Bundle: For $74.99, you receive three 1 kg spools of PLA filament in white, black and silver; with a value of $104.99, it’s a 29% discount
  • 3 Pack Specialty PLA Bundle: $99.99 gets you three 1 kg spools of specialty PLA filament: carbon fiber, wood, and very cool glow in the dark blue.

The sales are limited time only, lasting only for another day, so order now.


Voltera V-One Printer

Voltera, which launched this year with a successful Kickstarter campaign, is offering a $250 discount on its V-One circuit board printer, which normally goes for $2,199. The special pricing lasts until December 25 at midnight; to get the discount, enter the promo code VolteraHolidayLove at online checkout.

ZMorph Free 3D Scanner

scan1-723x723ZMorph keeps developing new toolheads for its multipurpose 3D printer and fabrication machine. The printer, which the company has described as a “mini factory,” offers a variety of easy-to-change extruders from standard plastic to chocolate, as well as toolheads for laser cutting and CNC milling. A full set, which includes the ZMorph 2.0 printer and all available toolheads plus a heated work platform and a plywood table for milling and cutting, costs $3,795. For the holidays, ZMorph is throwing in a free 3D scanner with every purchase of a full set, plus a $200 gift card for future purchases. If you live in the European Union, ZMorph is also offering free shipping.

Accucode 3D Discounted Demo Printers

3D printer retailer Accucode 3D is offering some of its demo printers at massively discounted prices. There’s a limited amount available, so it’s first come, first served. The discounts are available until December 30; if you’re interested, call 888-979-5099. Printers on sale include:

Leapfrog Discounted Refurbished Printers

Leapfrog is offering refurbished Creatr HS and Creatr Dual printers at a 15% discount. The pre-owned, refurbished printers are no older than 8 months. Limited quantities are available; at the time we were notified, there were 20 Creatr HS and 30 Creatr Dual printers available.

As an additional holiday gift for Leapfrog users, the company has also announced some new software and firmware updates, which include bug fixes, safety features and other improvements.

Mark One Introductory Year Price

Markforged isn’t so much offering a holiday discount as reminding you markforged-mark-one-02that the discounted introductory price on their Mark One Carbon Fiber Printer will be expiring on December 31. Currently priced at $5,499, the printer is expected to increase in cost by up to 20%, in addition to an increase in the cost of materials and accessories. Markforged would also like to remind you of the federal government’s Section 179 tax deduction of up to $25,000 on 2015 equipment and software purchases. Markforged offers payment plans that will still allow you to qualify for the tax deduction as long as purchase is made before the end of the year.

Airwolf 3D Glass Plates

Airwolf 3D is knocking quite a bit off the price of some of their popular 3D printing accessories. Their Borosilicate glass plates, which include Borosilicate for HD/XL series printers and Flex-Resistant Borosilicate for HD printers, are being sold for 50% off, which means that Borosilicate is now $25 (regularly $50) and Flex-Resistant Borosilicate is now $37.50 (regularly $75).

If you’re not in the market for new plates, Airwolf is also offering a free gift for all 3D printing enthusiasts. On December 1, the company began 25 Days of Materials, a daily feature on some of the most common materials used in 3D printing. Each entry has a lot of information, so whether you’re a 3D printing pro or a newbie, you’ll likely learn something.


So there you are – there’s a lot of good deals choose from this holiday season, and, better yet, you can do all of your shopping from the comfort of your own home, rather than braving those big-box and mall crowds. These are obviously just a few of the discounts out there, so don’t hesitate to do your own bargain hunting as well. Also, some of the deals from our Black Friday and Cyber Monday Guide are still active as well, like this one from AIO Robotics, so keep those in mind as well. Happy holidays!  Have you taken advantage of any of these deals?  Let us know in the 3D Printing Holiday Deals forum on

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