Netflix of 3D Printing — 3DShook to Launch Subscription Service for Exclusive 3D Printable Content

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Come next week, NYC will be a destination for 3D printing enthusiasts of all kinds, with several large events taking place as part of 3D Print Week NY. The city’s eyes and ears will be focused on the latest breakthroughs, up-and-coming companies, and the investment opportunities that are presented as part of the extravaganza. For one company, called 3DShook, it will also be the week that marks the launch of their all new 3D printing platform.

On April 16, 3DShook will officially launch their website, providing the 3D printing community with something quite interesting, innovative, and unique. 3DShook promises to be a new type of marketplace for 3D printable files, one which is based on a subscription model. Netflix made it work for movies, so why can’t 3DShook make it work for 3D printable designs?


“I’m a closet Trekkie and my life will never be complete without a Holodeck and a Replicator, so naturally I followed the seeping of 3D printing through the net in past 3 years with great interest,” Hector Berrebi, COO & Founder of 3DShook Ltd., tells “I felt that although hardware seemed to advance fast and on multiple fronts, content staggered behind. It seemed disorganised, mostly unappealing, rarely curated and not packaged to be desired. Coming from a background of video content, added with my strong inclination to design, I felt I had an opportunity to maybe make a change in an emerging industry”

3dshook1Berrebi thought about the idea for about a year before he decided to begin developing 3DShook. Last summer the company was fortunate enough to raise seed investment from Kima Ventures, and now a short time later they are ready to debut their brainchild.

On April 16, 3DShook will be launched, and it will feature hundreds of designs spanning over 40 different categories. The current growth rate is expected to be at least 150 new designs each month, all tested to print well, and all packaged to stand out and be desired. The service will be offered as an all-you-can-print monthly subscription, and there will be several pricing options to choose from.

“Our pricing plans depend on length of engagement, so if you purchase a 48 hour weekend plan, it costs $4.99, while a full year membership reduces it to a mere 27 cents a day,” Berrebi tells us. “In return you get unlimited prints on the world’s first fully curated, all exclusive and fully tested collection. By launch we’ll have 500+ designs and we guarantee 100 new designs every month.”

3dshook4The idea seems like a good one, and if successful it could provide many talented designers with full-time work creating content exclusively for 3DShook. The company is run by several experienced and talented individuals, so there is little reason to expect anything other than success.

Berrebi himself comes from a background in video and film post production. He co-ran a technology consulting firm for TV channels and post facilities, and he still often lectures about his experience. The company is co-founded by five individuals, including Berrebi, Collections Manager Shanhar Sharvit, CEO Joseph Seroussi, Head of Sales Gregory Mimoun, and CTO Nadav Brill.

It should be interesting to see the products that they have to offer upon launch, as well as the rate at which new designs are added. This could end up being a very successful venture for Berrebi and team, as 3D printing continues to grow at a rapid rate. What do you think? Will you be willing to pay for a subscription, which starts at $8.99/month, in order to have access to hundreds of exclusive 3D printable designs? Discuss in the 3DShook forum thread on Check out some of the unique designs that will be featured on 3DShook below.



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