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Bend, Oregon: High Desert Maker Mill & Digital Scan 3D Present Shapify Booth & Artec 3D Scanners

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HDMM_LOGO_BLACKBend, Oregon is not just all about tourists headed to the snowy slopes or backpackers making tracks on scenic trails–just as their High Desert Maker Mill is not just about a group of makers showing up to casually huddle around a 3D printer or two. A couple hundred miles southeast of Portland, Bend has had a population explosion in the past two decades even with its more remote locale, and is now home to lots of smart people who like being off the grid just a little. With a lack of larger industry, Bend has served as fertile ground for entrepreneurs–and they aren’t all just busy brewing craft beer.

Offering 15,000 square feet of space for makers, High Desert Maker Mill is helping local makers brew up a wide range of projects and see them through to fruition. Situated in Bend’s Entrepreneurial District, they use their connections with all the most contemporary resources like technology incubators and accelerators to support makers through all stages of product development. Now, in collaboration with Digital Scan 3D, the Maker Mill will also be home to one of the famed Artec 3D Shapify booths.

DS3D_NewLogowithBlue6longsmDigital Scan 3D, an innovative 3D scanner and software integration company specializing in professional grade technology, is headquartered in Portland. Taking some impressive innovation just a bit south, they’ve just completed their joint effort in opening the newest location of Artec’s Shapify Booth at the Maker Mill where residents will be able to come in and use the technology to have their own 3D selfies made–and memories preserved–with popular trends being graduations and marriages, as well as a great way for moms-to-be to remember those baby bumps.

Shapify-Booth-LenaThose having their scans made are generally astonished at the speed. In just twelve seconds, four wide-view, high-resolution Artec 3D scanners rotate around a person to capture them from all angles–and that includes such high-resolution details like a logo or writing on your shirt. With the digital models produced speedily, they are then ready for 3D printing and can be picked up at the next visit or mailed. While this is an awesome idea any time of year for a personalized gift-what a great idea for surprising loved ones with selfie stocking stuffers.

“It’s great to see 3D technology making its way into the hands and hearts of even more consumers,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “Our Shapify Booth is a natural way for the general public to experience the power of the most advanced 3D scanning technology available. It provides the same level of accuracy as our product line of professional handheld scanners, which are used for numerous preservation, manufacturing and industrial applications.”

unnamed1While everyone should be duly excited over the local Shapify booth, makerspace members will have the added benefit also of Artec’s professional-grade, handheld 3D scanners, the EvaSpider and Space Spider being made available at the Maker Mill.

“Oregon is becoming a mecca for makers,” said Richman Siansimbi of Digital Scan 3D. “We know firsthand how vital the right tools are for the engineering and design processes, and we’re thrilled to support the passions of hobbyists, entrepreneurs and business leaders alike by enabling them access to Artec’s line of professional products.”

These are substantial tools which will offer an even greater chance for spectacular innovations from designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs working out of the makerspace, involved in reverse engineering and advanced prototyping.Untitled

“We’re extremely excited to have Digital Scan 3D and its resources behind us as we begin this venture,” said Scot Brees, Board President of High Desert Maker Mill. “By making Artec’s industry-leading line of 3D scanning products available through our makerspace, we’re putting cutting-edge tools into the hands of entrepreneurs and startups that have the vision to innovate, but lack the resources to make their ideas a reality. What’s more, with tools like these, what used to take days now takes minutes, which results in streamlined processes and reduced costs.”

We’ve had great fun reporting on the Shapify 3D scans previously–especially earlier in the year as their booths were used to perform full-body scans in just seconds to produce 3D selfies of founder Eddie Krassenstein, and his wife, Whitney. Along with Shapify, we’ve also followed the Artec 3D lineup of handheld scanners continually as they are used in many other important projects regarding preservation and 3D archiving for museums around the world–and often allow for individuals to have access to printing out amazing replica 3D models of things like ancient tools and sculptures. Artec 3D scanners are used for a multitude of other purposes as well, including that of a UK water company 3D scanning and assessing corrosion levels for components in cast-iron mains. Considering all the uses that these scanners have already provided, we’ll be looking forward to seeing what the innovators in Bend use them to create in the near future.

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