Artec 3D Releases Artec Studio 10 & New Space Spider 3D Scanner


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imagesWhile photo booths were created and marketed as a way to preserve a moment in time at a place or event, the actual act of everyone cramming into the photo booth, laughing and hamming it up, is often the memory itself. With 3D scanning, that’s even more so the case, as Artec 3D offers us not only the chance to have full-body scans performed in their Shapify booths (memorable indeed), but they’ve also put the 3D scanning capability right into our hands—and powerfully so—with both the necessary software and hardware.

Artec Studio 10 Ultimate

Artec Studio 10 Ultimate

While 3D scanners used to be an exciting vision of the future, they are indeed now all the rage today. And they just keep getting better and better.

Companies like Artec 3D are not only changing the way we are able to see ourselves, remember others, and encapsulate memories—they are transforming how retail venues offer this service—and allowing you to do it yourself at both the individual and professional level.

You can perform a 3D scan whenever and wherever you want, and 3D print on a whim with Artec Studio, which is now improved with their newly released Artec Studio 10, available in both Professional and Ultimate.

Artec 3D is also announcing the release of their handheld 3D scanner, the Space Spider, retailing at $27,600, to be sold alongside Artec 3D’s two other high-quality handheld scanners, the Artec Spider and Artec Eva.

Artec 3D is a leading developer and manufacturer of professional 3D software and hardware. With the release of Artec Studio 10, users are receiving a comprehensive suite for handheld scanning.

A host of cool features are included, but what’s most appealing for many, and especially novices, is that the scanner corrects itself, despite user error in terms of instances where shaking, turning, or large movements may occur. Both powerful algorithms maintaining total control of tracking and performing automatic scan alignment correction offer increased accuracy and precision. These features handle some of the trickier aspects of handheld scanning for the user automatically, as well as reducing post-processing time.

The package also offers:

  • Texture color mapping that is five times faster than before
  • Boosted auto-alignment and non-rigid global alignment capabilities
  • Mesh simplification that is now up to 90 per cent faster than before
  • More texture editing tools
  • Compatibility with Kinect V2 and Intel F200

“We’re committed to providing users access to the latest advances in 3D scanning technology and giving professionals the flexibility and customization they want to ensure the most enjoyable scanning experience possible,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “Artec Studio 10 is the perfect complement to our high-quality scanners, giving users complete control of the scanning process to produce the most accurate results possible in a timely manner.”

Both packages are being offered with attractive upgrade and pricing features. Artec Studio 10 Ultimate, available by subscription, is compatible not only with all Artec scanners but also:

  • Kinect for Windows V2
  • Intel F200 (IVCAM)
  • ASUS Xtion

The Professional is compatible only with Artec scanners, and can be purchased outright or as a subscription with access to upgrades. Through August 1st:

  • All learning institutions will be upgraded to Artec Studio 10 at no cost.
  • Individuals and businesses can upgrade to Artec Studio 10 at discount or subscription price.
  • New users can receive a 30-day trial version of Artec Studio 10 Ultimate by registering online and downloading the free trial at
Space Spider 3D scanner

Space Spider 3D scanner

Handling the hardware end of scanning, from an industrial, professional standpoint, the Space Spider, Artec 3D’s high-resolution handheld 3D scanner is now being made available. Named best hardware at this year’s Solidworks World, this super scanner was designed with, no surprise, space in mind–as well as labs with similar dynamics.

Meant to be extremely durable and able to withstand varying temperatures not unlike what might be found at the space station, the Space Spider is versatile enough for use in industrial labs and areas with hot weather that varies. Overheating is not an issue with the Space Spider, eliminating time spent maintaining and fixing technology and electronics not only in space but other geographies where weather is a challenge. Important features are:

  • Blue LED lights for precise scanning of objects at all sizes, shapes, and textures
  • Accuracy of up to 50 microns and resolution of up to 100 microns
  • Turn-key upon delivery, with no re-calibration required

“Imagine the potential of using 3D scanning technology on the international space station paired with a 3D printer,” said Artyom Yukhin, president and CEO of Artec 3D. “The Space Spider boasts an enhanced cooling system that allows the user to capture accurate 3D data more rapidly. This handheld scanner can endure some of the most difficult situations on Earth and has been engineered to perform in nearly zero-gravity environments when called upon.”

While the high resolution Space Spider is obviously not meant for the novice or the home user, it does offer industrial and professional uses for CAD, reverse engineering, and 3D printing. The 3D scanner will be on display at ‘Control Germany’ in Stuttgart along with Artec 3D’s complete line of products.

Are you currently using a handheld 3D scanning system? Discuss with us in the Artec 3D New Releases forum over at

Artec Studio 10 Professional

Artec Studio 10 Professional


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