Entire Spanish Village of 318 People are Turned into 3D Printed Statues

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When I was in high school, we had a bi-yearly tradition which involved the taking of the famous panoramic photo. A special camera crew would come out to our small town–and very small high school—and cram us all in together on two or three sets of bleachers as we smoothed out our hair and donned what we thought were cool shades.

We were told to stand very still (although there was usually someone who waited until the camera had moved past them and then they ran behind everybody to the other side so they were actually in the shot twice) while the camera moved slowly to get one long image of several hundred kids.

Many weeks later we were all presented with our own very long, horizontal, rolled up photo featuring the whole school. Still enjoyed many years later—and still posted on Facebook with mirth and memories—I was reminded of the process upon hearing of Grupo Sicnova’s announcement today. They have come to the end of one large mission in showing off some major 3D printing chops, as well as bringing some futuristic technology to a rural area—something that’s happening more and more.792rVOg8_400x400 (1)


CloneScan3D without its cover

3D printing has obviously torn the lid off traditional technology and ways of producing items, as well as offering a futuristic portal for makers, into the innovative culture of 3D printing. As the color TV and the internet and the cell phone slowly wound their way into nearly every nook and cranny of the world, so did the incredible innovation of digital design and 3D printing—and Spain’s Grupo Sicnova took to a small village to make a big display of what the technology can do.

With many villagers in Torrequebradilla now sporting their own clonesculturas, we can see that Spanish firm Grupo Sicnova has followed through on their stunning promise to 3D print an entire community. Thanks to their CloneScan3D, an enormous 3D scanner, they’ve been able to perform a whopping 318 scans in one day. That covered all the inhabitants of Torrequebradilla, as we reported on previously (For more on the previous history of this story and Group Sicnova, click here).

photo oneToday, Grupo Sicnova was able to announce and unveil the first ‘3D town.’ Coming through with the technology of the CloneScan3D, each of the villagers received the product of the scan with their own individualized, 3D printed figures. In another example of how technology is moving at rapid speed, the CloneScan3D is able to make a 3D scan as quickly as a camera snaps a photo. Scanning takes a total of 15 seconds, with the image rendered within 90 seconds.

“Our goal is to make possible to see that everybody gets their own 3D model,” says Ángel Llavero, CEO of Grupo Sicnova, who also remarks on the remarks on the present and future possibilities of 3D printing and 3D scanning, from medical applications to buying custom clothing or just having a 3D portrait of your beloved ones.

This 3D scanning wonder was designed by the team’s engineers, responsible for making the iron and aluminum structure, which is portable, obviously. It measures 1.90m x 2.07 m x 2.55m, and is IMG_5882 (4)equipped with a system of infrared sensors which automatically scan a person once their height has been entered into the controls for the CloneScan3D. The scanner is distributed throughout Spain by Sicnova 3D stores.

If it only takes one day to scan a whole village—what’s next—and where? We’ll be keeping an eye out to see how they top this latest feat as Grupo Sicnova has announced that they will be offering several other events where participants will receive free 3D models in cooperation with Tr3sDland, a commercial partner of Grupo Sicnova, which also boasts CloneScan3D unit in each of their stores, where everyone can get their own 3D digital image for free.

Would you like to be immortalized in 3D print? How do you think this technology makes an impact in a small village like Torrequebradilla? Tell us your thoughts in the 3D Torrequebradilla Printed Miniatures forum over at 3DPB.com.



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