Jenny Scordamaglia of Miami TV Gets 3D Scanned and Printed in the Nude

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The Jenny Scordamaglia figurines

Miami is known for its trendsetting culture, topless beaches, and bare bottoms. It’s a city that is as open minded as any other on the planet, and entertaining as a year-long New Year’s Eve party. There are always things to do in Miami, and certainly never a dull moment.

Jenny Scordamaglia

Jenny Scordamaglia

Miami TV is an entertainment channel which formed in 2007, and has since gained viewers worldwide who tune in to see and hear about things you wouldn’t traditionally see on your typical TV station. They admit to and proudly stand by the fact that they break “many of society’s taboos to attract viewers’ attention to their affirmative message.” Those who tune in can expect to see some of the Miami culture portrayed live on their television or computer screens.

Airing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights at 10PM is one show which has become quite the hit. It’s called Jenny Live, and it is an interactive, transgressional show that claims to have been the first to break the rules of traditional TV. Hosted by Jenny Scordamaglia, who is bilingual in Spanish and English, the show aims at sending a positive message to their viewers, even though that may, and probably will, include breaking society’s taboos. Either way, Jenny and Miami TV are on the cutting edge of entertainment broadcasting, perhaps becoming a trendsetter of their own.

Recently, Jenny met some people from 1Click3DPrint at an art event that was taking place in downtown Miami.

“We were doing a live filming of the event and they showed us the process of how they did the [3D] Printing, and did a quick half body scan of me,” Jenny Scordamaglia tells “After seeing the sample a week later, we thought what a great marketing idea to be able to give our fans a mini Jenny!

So this is exactly what they ended up deciding to do. Miami TV and 1Click3DPrint teamed up to create miniature 3D printed figurines of none other than Jenny Scordamaglia. This would provide some of Jenny’s fans — there are thousands of them — with an opportunity to own a miniature replica of the star.

Jenny Scordamaglia getting scanned

Jenny Scordamaglia getting scanned

For those of you who have watched episodes of Jenny Live, or any other broadcasts that she takes part in, you will know that she isn’t afraid to show a little skin, or perhaps I should say all of her skin. In fact, some say that she has mastered the art of the ‘nip slip.’ She is very open minded, and fits in perfectly with the Miami culture, thus making her and her show a perfect fit to take place in the city. No 3D printed miniature of Jenny would completely satisfy her fans unless it depicted her in her birthday suit.

“She was very interested in getting herself scanned, and we set up our studio one day just for her, so she could feel comfortable,” Francis Martinez of 1Click3DPrint tells “We have the biggest studio in Miami, great lighting and a big space. The 3D printer [we use] is a 3D Systems 4500, and the scanning is also done on a 3D Systems scanner.”

Jenny Scordamaglia getting 3D scanned

Jenny Scordamaglia getting 3D scanned

Jenny tells us that when this opportunity was presented to her, she just had to take them up on it. She loves the idea that no other TV stations have been utilizing 3D technology in this way, as it provided her and Miami TV with a way of being pioneers in the space.

As for how the process went down, Jenny arrived at the 1Click3DPrint studio in Miami to get herself 3D scanned and printed. With her came her camera crew, who aired the scanning process live for all of her fans to see.

“It’s nothing like a photoshoot,” Jenny tells us. “Being able to stay still for quite some time, statue-like, can be challenging. We had 3 different styles and each required different poses, I wanted to be creative and extend my arms up as a sign of joy! Little did I know, while you are spinning, of course you move a little bit, but that’s enough for the 3d scan to go crazy and give you a second arm or no hands, so that was a new one for all of us. I had to end up simply placing my arm on my head and that worked.”

Once she was completely scanned in, it was off to 3D printing the various poses on the 3D Systems 3D printer. Jenny tells us that she was very impressed with the final results.

“The definition of the statues are a lot better than we all anticipated,” she explained.


In all, four different figurines have been created, and they will be printed on demand and made available for any of her fans to purchase, via the Miami TV website. The figurines will be shipped worldwide and the orders will be processed by 1Click3DPrint.

It’s great to see people like Jenny Scordamaglia really embrace 3D printing technology in order to help create some keepsakes for her fans. What do you think about these figurines? Discuss in the 3D Printed Jenny Scordamaglia forum thread on Check out some more photos provided to us by 1Click3DPrint and Jenny Scordamaglia below.



Jenny Scordamaglia getting scanned

Jenny Scordamaglia getting scanned

Jenny Scordamaglia was impressed with the results.

Jenny Scordamaglia was impressed with the results.




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