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OWL Launches New MC-1 & MC-2 3D Printers at CES – ‘250X Resolution of other 3D Printers!’


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owlmcfeaturedThere is something about the International CES that really can make a 3D printing enthusiast quite happy. This hasn’t been true every year, but last year we really began to see the technology garner some attention at the annual show in Las Vegas. This year, there is no hiding the fact that 3D printing has arrived, and it is here to stay.

With new product announcements coming from every corner of the 3D printing industry, we have seen some surprises, as well as some expected announcements. One of these surprise announcements comes from Old World Labs (OWL), a company that is less than two years old.

owlmc-1bToday, OWL announced the launch of two new 3D printers, the MC-1 and the MC-2. Referred to as their MC Series of 3D printers, they have a lot to offer both from a technological standpoint and a business point of view.

Both printers are available for use via a service plan subscription. This is quite different from the business models of other 3D printer manufacturers, and it may just put 3D printing technology in the hands of more businesses around the world. The service plan subscriptions will allow customers to upgrade their hardware as their machines become outdated, ensuring the highest quality prints at all times. One of the complaints that I hear from companies that have purchased expensive 3D printers, is the fact that these machines become outdated within months of a purchase. OWL’s contracted service plan will ensure that this never happens.

As far as the technology goes, these printers, which are being marketed toward customers in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, art and robotics, feature 250 times the resolution of other 3D printers on the market today (according to the company). On top of this, the company claims that their machines are faster than most printers in their class when it comes to print speed per resolution.

“The benefits of 3D printing to science, medical research and academic discovery are evolving, and the people who are making the utmost progress and greatest discoveries need the most precise and accurate printers available,” explained Nick Liverman, CEO and Founder, Old World Labs. “The MC Series fit this description – no other 3D printers can match them for resolution, precision and functionality. Our printers are not like anything else on the market. They are more accurate and capable of handling printing the minute details that makes the difference to people trying to change the world.”

As for the 3D printers themselves, the MC-1 is the perfect printer for medical, science and defense labs, as well as engineering facilities. It uses a technology referred to as “high-precision nano scale photo fabrication”. Here are some more details on the MC-1

  • Resolution: 1 micron
  • Precision: 100nm mechanical capability
  • Accuracy: +/- 500 nm
  • Repeatability: 99%
  • Build Volume: 6x6x6 in
  • Build Speed: 1in^3/hr
  • Build Materials: Photopolymer
  • Weight: 80 lb
  • Dimensions: 26L,18W,26H in
  • Power Input: 110VAC
  • Operating Temperature: 72F

The MC-2 is a little more advanced than the MC-1, as it includes an advanced control board, as well many upgraded lasers that are able to print with multiple materials, unlike those seen on other 3D printers. It is slated to become available sometime in the middle of 2015. Here are some specifications for the MC-2.

  • Resolution: 100 nm (environmentally dependent)
  • Precision: 100 nm mechanical and software capability
  • Accuracy: +/- 50 nm
  • Repeatability: 99%
  • Build Volume: 6x6x6 in
  • Build Speed: 1in^3/hr
  • Build Materials: Photopolymer
  • Weight: 106 lb
  • Dimensions: 26L,18W,26H in
  • Power Input: 110VAC
  • Operating Temperature: 72F

I’m excited to check out the MC Series by OWL at CES today, to see what these machines have to offer. If you are at CES, you can too by visiting them at the Sands Expo Centre, booth #72620. What do you think about these two new 3D printers by Old World Labs? Discuss in the OWL MC Series 3D printer forum thread on Check out their video below.

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