Xact Metal Unveils New Hardware and Alliance at RAPID+TCT 2024

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At RAPID + TCT 2024 in Los Angeles, Xact Metal announced a partnership with Indicate Technologies to expand its reach in North America and introduce a new automated powder handling machine. Known for making metal 3D printing affordable for small-to-medium-sized businesses, Xact Metal’s latest updates are designed to simplify the printing process and boost efficiency for its core customers.

While automated powder handling systems are common in large-scale metal 3D printing, Xact Metal is now bringing this advanced technology to smaller businesses. Companies like Nikon SLM Solutions, EOS, and Aconity3D have integrated these machines to improve efficiency and safety, handling tasks such as sieving, transferring, and recycling metal powders within a closed-loop system.

Now, Xact Metal’s new powder handling system automates the sieving of metal powders to remove contaminants and ensure optimal particle size. Designed to work with the XM200G metal printer, this new, stand-alone machine makes the entire 3D printing process faster, safer, and more efficient for customers. First, users can pull powder containers directly from the printer and fit them onto this new system for automatic, hands-free sieving. Then, the refreshed powder is transferred to a fresh container by opening shut-off valves; this container is now ready for use in the 3D printer.

This streamlined process not only simplifies powder handling, making it safer for operators, but it also maintains the flexibility of the XM200G to support different types of powders, meaning businesses can use various materials without needing multiple handling systems. This flexibility is crucial for industries that require precision and adaptability, like automotive and medical device manufacturing. The new hardware is available for sale now but will begin shipping in the third quarter of 2024.

Xact Metal’s new powder handling machine is next to the XM200G metal 3D printer. Image courtesy of Xact Metal.

In addition to the new hardware, Xact Metal, already established in Pennsylvania, revealed a new sales and service partnership with Indicate Technologies. Known for their expertise in advanced manufacturing solutions, Indicate Technologies will help expand access to Xact Metal’s 3D printing solutions across the Western United States. This region, including key markets like California, Arizona, and Colorado, is a significant hub for 3D printing innovation. Together, they will revamp training, technical support, and maintenance services, ensuring better reach and service quality for Xact Metal’s customers.

This alliance is expected to enhance Xact Metal’s market reach and customer support capabilities significantly. With Indicate Technologies handling the sales, training, technical support, and maintenance, Xact Metal can focus on what it does best: developing 3D printing hardware.

“At Xact Metal, we’re establishing a new level of price and performance in metal 3D printing by taking the essential specs of metal additive manufacturing and combining them with breakthrough technology. We are pleased to partner with Indicate Technologies because of their strong team and experience in additive manufacturing,” noted Juan Mario Gomez, CEO of Xact Metal.

Indicate Technologies Director of Additive, Hoang Van, pointed out that not only will Indicate now offer a low-cost metal 3D printing solution, but Xact Metal’s printers can be introduced at a lower initial price and are well suited for existing manufacturing industries in the U.S.

3D printed metal parts from Xact Metal at the 2022 AMUG Conference.

Xact Metal is exhibiting at RAPID + TCT 2024 (booth #1331), where attendees can explore its latest innovations and meet special guests from collaborative projects, like Jason Lopes of Gentle Giant Studios and Zach Beller and Aaron Chow of VIXIV (formerly Voxel Technologies).

Like other companies with a longstanding presence in the industry, Xact Metal’s announcements at RAPID + TCT are anticipated events. In previous years, it has consistently unveiled new technologies and partnerships. For instance, at RAPID + TCT 2017, it introduced an affordable metal 3D printer, the XM200C. Then, in 2021, it launched the XM200G, featuring advanced dual-laser configurations and an integrated powder handling system. By 2022, Xact Metal unveiled the XM300G series, which offered larger build volumes and multi-laser configurations.

Xact Metal’s latest announcements at RAPID + TCT 2024 highlight its commitment to democratizing metal 3D printing, making it more accessible to growing businesses.

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