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Xact Metal Expands to Mid-Sized Metal 3D Printing with XM300G Series


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Known for its petite, low-cost metal 3D printers, Xact Metal is now moving upstream with the release of the XM300G series. This line of mid-sized laser powder bed fusion (PBF) machines allows the Pennsylvania-based firm to tackle a larger portion of the more affordable end of the metal 3D printing market.

The Mid-market XM300G Metal 3D Printer

The XM300G series consists of single-, dual-, or quad-independent laser machines with a default 300 mm x 300 mm x 350mm build volume that can be upgraded to 300 mm x 300 mm x 450mm. Fiber lasers are available in 400W or 700W varieties. The XM300G line is described as having completely overlapping print zones, bringing “industrial speed and performance” to low-cost LBF systems. The print platform is also interchangeable to increase machine throughput.

The XM300G4 metal 3D printer. Image courtesy of Xact Metal.

“With pricing beginning at a US MSRP of $200,000 dollars, the XM300G series is ideal for printing high quantities or large parts where print speed is critical,” said Juan Mario Gomez, CEO of Xact Metal. “Based on the XM200G multi-laser printer platform, the introduction of the XM300G is another example of how Xact Metal continues to combine the requirements of metal powder-bed fusion and advanced technology to establish a new level of price and performance for additive manufacturing.”

The Push-Button Metal 3D Printing Competition

Since launching its original XM200 system in 2017 for a price of about $120,000, Xact Metal has been able to steadily build up a market as other “push-button metal” companies entered the space. By 2021, it was able to introduce a $65,000 machine, significantly reducing the cost for a metal PBF printer. With the addition of the XM300G series, Xact Metal is able to move further upstream so that it is not only competing with the likes of One-Click Metal and Laser Melting Innovations/Kurtz Ersa, but with EOS, the market share leader in metal laser PBF.

The MPRINT from One-Click starts at $55,000 without upgrades or accessories and features a 150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm build volume, while lacking Xact’s unique recoater technology. While the EOS M290 has a build volume of 250 mm x 250 mm x 325 mm, the price nears half-a-million dollars. It even undercuts the Chinese leader in metal PBF, Farsoon, whose FS273M has a build volume of 275 mm x 275 mm x 355 mm with a price of about $350,000.

“Xact Metal aims to further expand the use of metal 3D printing in multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, and general manufacturing,” said Juan Mario Gomez. “The XM300G and XM200G printers are tailored to customers starting their entry into metal 3D printing in various applications, including product development, manufacturing, research, and education.”

According to the company, Xact Metal has already received orders for the XM300G, with shipments beginning in Q3 2023. This means that those competitors have time to unveil their own larger, lower-cost machines. Meanwhile, Xact continues grow, recently moving into Mexico and Columbia through new partnerships. It wouldn’t be surprising if all of its momentum attracts the eyes of an up-and-coming PBF company that is looking to expand its market reach.

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