FLSUN Officially Launches Flagship Model: The FLSUN S1 3D Printer


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FLSUN, a prominent delta 3D printer manufacturer, has announced the launch of its new printer, the FLSUN S1, which will be officially available from June 3rd, 2024. Positioned as a premium product, the FLSUN S1 delivers an unmatched combination of speed, precision, and user-friendly features, redefining the possibilities of desktop 3D printing.

More Creativity with Large Format

The FLSUN S1 features a build volume of 320 x 320 x 430 mm, providing a significantly larger print space with key advantages over smaller desktop models. This expanded build size enables the printing of full-scale models without the need to section parts frequently. For those whose 3D printing needs are expanding, this large format printer offers ample volume to accommodate more demanding projects.

More Efficient and Streamlined Workflow

The S1 can print at an ultra-high speed of 1200 mm/s, which is two to three times faster than its competitors within the same price range. It boasts an acceleration of 40000 mm/s² and a maximum flow rate of 110 mm³/s. Tests show that the S1 can print a standard benchy in just eight minutes. This performance is made possible by an all-metal frame, a powerful 40,000 rpm CPAP turbofan, and a closed-loop motor, allowing it to operate at these extreme speeds.

High Precision, Delicate Texture

Despite its fast speeds, the FLSUN S1 maintains a precision of 0.1 mm. High-resolution printing ensures thin layers and a smooth surface, producing prints that closely match your expectations.

Great Experience with AI-powered System

AI Detection:

The FLSUN S1 utilizes AI LiDAR technology for real-time monitoring, equipped with AI cameras that alert users to any errors. This system supports first-layer detection and flow & accuracy calibration, vigilantly guarding against issues like spaghetti failure, foreign objects, and debris to ensure print precision and success.

Auto Leveling:

With a single click, users can activate the auto leveling feature, further simplifying the printing process. Z-Axis auto compensation also alleviates concerns about precision, significantly reducing setup time and making the printer extremely user-friendly for beginners.

Multi Filament Options:

The S1’s heated bed can reach temperatures up to 120°C, and its 0.4 mm hardened steel nozzle can withstand up to 350°C. This allows the printer to work with a wide array of filaments, including PLA, PETG, TPU, ABS, ASA, PVA, PET, PA, PC, and PLA-CF.

Filament Detection and Intelligent Drying:

The integrated filament sensor detects clogging and runout, pausing the print automatically to address any issues. Above the build chamber, the S1 features a filament drying compartment that maintains optimal material quality by stabilizing temperature and humidity.

Environmentally Friendly:

The FLSUN S1 is designed to minimize environmental impact by absorbing solid particles and harmful gases. It also features smart zone heating for the build plate, a touchscreen with an auto-sleep function, and an automatic power-off function to enhance energy efficiency.

Price and Availability:

FLSUN will host a live launch event online on June 3rd, viewable through their official Facebook page. During the event, the FLSUN S1 will be available at the company’s official store for a presale price of $1,299 (US) and €1,399 (EU) from June 3 to June 14, offering a $200/€200 discount off the regular price. Afterwards, the printer will return to its standard retail price of $1,499 (US) and €1,599 (EU).

About FLSUN:

Founded in 2015, FLSUN has become a global leader in the manufacture of delta 3D printers. Known for their speed, efficiency, and unique triangular design, FLSUN’s printers are now available in over 150 countries and regions. Moving forward, FLSUN remains dedicated to providing high-quality, reliable products to its customers.

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