Wimba and Intrauma Partner to Improve Veterinary Orthotics with HP 3D Printing


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There are numerous examples of people using 3D printing to create custom prosthetics for animals, whether as a personal project, research project, or business and non-profit organizations. Polish startup Wimba, which uses HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing to create lightweight, custom-fit pet orthotics, wants to bring these 3D printed medical devices into the mainstream. Now, in a major milestone for veterinary care, it’s partnering with leading orthopedic solutions provider Intrauma to advance veterinary care with 3D printed orthotics.

“As the field of veterinary care continues to evolve, there is a pressing need for more precise orthopedic and orthotic interventions,” said Dr. Kuba Letek, DVM, Chief Medical Officer of WIMBA. “At WIMBA, our mission is to enhance both surgical and non-surgical outcomes by providing superior support more effectively and conveniently. We aim to equip professionals with advanced V-OP tools that align with their surgical protocols, fostering a mindset where innovative orthotics can address previously unmet aspects of treatment due to limitations in medical technology.”

Zoomed in image of a Wimba prosthetic on a patient

Intrauma, headquartered in Italy, is committed to materials science and research and development to simplify traumatology and achieve the highest quality implants. Since 2002, the company has been developing a range of internal fixators, and its portfolio of products are said to “meet the evolving needs of clinicians and patients alike.” These patients also include animals through its VET LINE, which manufactures everything from osteotomy instruments to orthopedic suture systems. Now, through its partnership with Wimba, pet orthopedics can be improved through the use of custom 3D printed orthotic devices.

“Intrauma is dedicated to advancing orthopedic implant solutions that enhance surgical outcomes and simplify procedures. Our collaboration with WIMBA represents a fusion of expertise and innovation aimed at providing the best possible care for veterinary patients,” said Stefano Del Medico, General Manager of the VET LINE at Intrauma. “Intrauma’s mission has always been to supply the best quality implants and building golden standards in veterinary traumatology. Teaming up with WIMBA aligns perfectly with this vision, offering innovative orthotic devices that will align with pre and post operative protocols, and support non surgical cases.”

Stefano Del Medico, General Manager of the VET LINE at Intrauma. Image source: Intrauma

With a shared passion for the welfare of animals, Intrauma and Wimba are focused on working together to transform veterinary care, specifically pet orthopedics, through research and innovative 3D printing. Their work should result in medically validated tools, reduced costs, shorter production times, and an overall easier experience for both veterinarians, owners, and pets. And who doesn’t want that??

“The partnership with Intrauma, a renowned leader in the orthopedic surgery field, presents an extraordinary opportunity for further growth and development for WIMBA,” said Grzegorz Kosch, the Co-Founder and CEO of Wimba. “By merging our expertise in orthopedic device development with Intrauma’s extensive presence, knowledge, and experience, we are primed to make a significant impact on pet healthcare together.”

One common reason that dogs undergo orthopedic surgery is because they’ve injured their stifle—basically the canine equivalent of the human knee. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, over one million stifle surgeries are performed annually on dogs in the U.S., but there are instances in which surgery is not an option. That’s where Wimba comes in. The company uses its AI-powered 3D WimbaSCAN technology to enable MJF-printed, patient-specific orthotics—including its new modular WIMBA Stifle Brace—in cases where surgery won’t work. Its orthotic solutions also include the WimbaTOKEN, which consists of several small components that support different stages of therapy. By increasing resistance, it encourages the dog to work harder and build up its muscles more efficiently on the way to restoring full strength.

WIMBA Stifle Brace

“We must recognize as well that WIMBA orthotics are redefining our approach to treatments in sports medicine and rehabilitation,” Dr. Letek continued. “They provide veterinary professionals with advanced orthotic devices that integrate seamlessly into complex, multimodal treatment strategies, allowing for tailored adjustments and dynamic follow-up as patient conditions evolve. These devices, through their innovative technology, offer extensive customization possibilities, ushering in an unprecedented level of support.”

The WIMBA Stifle Brace is just one example in which its new partnership with Intrauma can help veterinary practitioners improve their overall clinical outcomes. By working together, these two companies can definitely improve the quality of life for pets.

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