Who is Endeavor 3D?


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You may be familiar with our company, Endeavor 3D, or perhaps not. Located in Metro Atlanta, we are a contract additive manufacturer (AM) equipped with polymer 3D printing, stainless steel metal jetting, and one of the most robust QC laboratories in the industry. Our executive team, led by CEO, Phil Arnold, comes from the decorative concrete manufacturing business, where we saw decades of success due to our commitment to quality and customer service. We aim to bring that same level of commitment, service, and quality to one of the most exhilarating industries on the planet.

People often ask us, why become an AM contract manufacturer? We believe it comes down to two key principles. First, additive technology is revolutionary, and second, those who are pushing the limits with this technology are inspiring and paving the way toward more efficient and less wasteful manufacturing processes. At the end of the day, it also supplements our firm belief in environmental and economic sustainability practices.


It was September 2020 during an international pandemic, and our leadership team saw an opportunity. That is when Endeavor 3D started by retrofitting its’ 65,000 square-foot traditional industrial manufacturing facility into a state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing center in Douglasville, GA. Providing jobs in the community for over 30 years, Phil’s initiative was to continue the tradition with keeping focus on parts made in America. What was once a massive warehouse filled with industrial supplies has transformed, and continues to evolve, into the smart factory of the future.

After careful consideration of 3D printing technologies, materials, and partners – Endeavor 3D decided to jump feet first into a budding relationship with HP 3D Printing. Purchasing several MJF polymer printers and acquiring the first metal jetting systems in North America (serial numbers 001 and 002). After rigorous testing and qualification, HP certified the company as a Digital Manufacturing Network Partner, furthering Endeavor 3D’s journey to offer best-in-class engineering services, high-quality output, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Contract Additive Manufacturing

As a Contract Manufacturer, we want to help our customers focus on their core competencies rather than diverting resources to the complexity of additive manufacturing. With our manufacturing capabilities, we can accelerate and enhance the product lifecycle.

Building a Center of Excellence starts with core principles that are defined within our commitment to providing quality and value. It is a dynamic definition that evolves through iterations of trial and error. Excellence is not a destination, but a journey of continuous improvement.

Three years ago, we were outsiders to this industry. Now, we understand the nuances between technologies, the competitive landscape, and what our customers truly need, to be successful. We identified several gaps within the contract additive manufacturing realm that we address daily with our customers and partners.

  • Cost per part: AM is expensive and it will never reach production quantities with the current approaches. Our experience is grounded in true manufacturing, we understand that cost per part is a huge variable in the decision-making process. Thus, we’ve integrated new technologies and processes to increase efficiency and improve yield so we can drive down costs on behalf of our customers.
  • Quality: Part repeatability and lack of uniformity creep into production lines due to a variety of reasons (equipment use, material degradation, maintenance, etc.). We want it done right, the first time, and push all parts through a five-point QC process to ensure uniformity. Nothing goes out the door without inspection. Since our beginnings, we’ve received complimentary feedback from our clients about our commitment to quality.
  • Relationship: It’s our objective to tackle your hardest and most challenging production jobs, and we are willing to patiently build that relationship for mutual success. To be clear, we are not targeting the one-off projects. Auto-quoting and direct print ordering have become the norm, largely because it’s quick and efficient. However, it lacks human connection, and it oftentimes results in communication errors and poor quality. We expect to be a partner, not just a provider.

Where Can You Find Us Next?

Endeavor 3D is building something special and is prepared for long-term success. We extend our invitation to anyone that wants to test our commitment to quality and help continue to push the boundaries of advanced manufacturing. Our business and process will continuously improve, and you will see that in our investment and GTM strategy. Our headquarters are located just west of Atlanta, GA, and our team of experts are  located across the continent, servicing clients in all North American regions and industries. To learn more about our company, please visit our website www.endeavor3d.com, follow us on LinkedIn, or join us at one of our upcoming exhibitions:

  • Design2Part in Novi, MI (June 19-20)
  • Rapid 2024 in Los Angeles, CA (June 25-27)
  • IMTS in Chicago, IL (September 9-14)

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