AeroEdge and 3DOS Collaborate to Advance Additive Manufacturing in Japan


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In a time when quick turnaround in manufacturing is essential, AeroEdge (TYO: 7409), a stalwart of the aerospace industry in Ashikaga, Japan, and 3DOS, a Silicon Valley-based tech company, have announced a new partnership. The collaboration aims to launch a decentralized additive manufacturing (AM) platform in the Japanese market—a strategy that will likely deeply impact the local 3D printing industry’s dynamics.

Jun Morinishi, CEO of AeroEdge, and John Dogru, CEO of 3DOS, have signed an agreement that promises to marry AeroEdge’s precision manufacturing know-how with 3DOS’s innovative software platform. The joint venture seeks to make on-demand manufacturing not just a possibility but a streamlined, efficient reality.

This platform is not just a technological leap but a reimagining of manufacturing logistics. According to the companies, users can order and print parts as needed, monitor the printing process in real-time, and enjoy upgraded protection of confidential information thanks to robust digital security technologies.

AeroEdge’s vision of a decentralized manufacturing ecosystem. Image courtesy of AeroEdge.

Innovation and inspiration

Building upon AeroEdge’s history of innovation, this partnership strengthens the company’s position in the aerospace industry. Known for its advanced manufacturing techniques, AeroEdge is an established leader in producing titanium aluminide (TiAl) blades, a component critical for aircraft engines due to their high strength and light weight. AeroEdge’s expertise in precision manufacturing and its strategic use of materials like TiAl underpin its vital role in the aerospace supply chain.

Adding to its capabilities, AeroEdge has an impressive lineup of machines at its Edge Factory in Japan, including the Arcam/GE Additive A2X and the DMG MORI/Lasertech65 DED hybrid. These machines facilitate the creation and repair of intricate and sizable parts with remarkable speed and accuracy. As a service bureau, AeroEdge innovates with new business models, underpinning its pioneering status in the AM field. Through its collaboration with 3DOS, AeroEdge is poised to broaden its influence, bolster its research and development capabilities, and encourage potential collaborations within the global aerospace community.

Democratizing manufacturing

AeroEdge’s endorsement of AM depends on its potential to facilitate on-demand manufacturing and reduce supply chain costs. This vision seamlessly aligns with the decentralized manufacturing model that 3DOS developed and validated through collaborations with America’s top research universities like MIT, Harvard, and Duke, as well as with government agencies such as NASA.

In this strategic alliance, AeroEdge will leverage its extensive network, including manufacturing partners and academic institutions throughout Japan, to promote the decentralized platform. This collaboration is anticipated to be a “mid-term project” with long-term implications for the manufacturing landscape in Japan and beyond.

AeroEdge delivers TiAl low-pressure turbine blades to Safran. Image courtesy of CFM International.

Manufacturing networks

At the heart of this partnership is 3DOS’s commitment to connecting manufacturing supply and demand instantly. The company’s success stems from developing a unique production system that spreads across multiple locations rather than centralized in one large factory. This decentralized manufacturing network system is especially useful because it can adapt to changes and problems in the world, like geopolitical tensions or difficulties caused by the location of resources. Because of these global challenges, AeroEdge and 3DOS’s synergy arises as a particularly suitable response to the evolving needs of businesses seeking flexibility and innovation in product creation and delivery.

3DOS has developed a solution ready to be used by a broad application scope. It’s not just for companies in the industrial sector, but it’s also for consumer markets and educational institutions.

Engineering the future

AeroEdge works hard to be the best and most creative in the manufacturing solution sector. The company never stops looking for ways to improve and stay ahead of the game. This partnership with 3DOS reflects AeroEdge’s commitment to autonomy and creativity, propelling it toward new and innovative achievements.

The mission statement of AeroEdge, “Create one from zero,” sums up the company’s dedication to pioneering new values and contributing to the well-being and happiness of people. By joining forces with 3DOS, AeroEdge is not only embracing the future of manufacturing but also helping shape it.

The implications of this partnership for Japan’s manufacturing industry are significant. By integrating 3DOS’s decentralized platform, AeroEdge will bring to the fore a new era of production—one that prioritizes efficiency, security, and innovation, suggest the partners. This collaboration represents a leap towards a future where the supply chain is no longer a linear process but a dynamic, interconnected web capable of responding quickly to market demands.

As AeroEdge and 3DOS combine their strengths, the potential for transformative change in manufacturing is enormous: reduced lead times, enhanced customization, greater cost-efficiency, and a supply chain that is robust and adaptive. In essence, this partnership is not just redefining the manufacturing process; it is creating a strategic approach to future challenges and opportunities.

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