World’s First 3D Printed Boxing Glove Released by Hayabusa

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3D printing is becoming a mainstay in the sporting world, and the latest sport to join the revolution is boxing. Canadian company, Hayabusa, a global leader in combat equipment, recently released its T3D Gloves, the world’s first 3D printed boxing gloves. The T3Ds take the traditional knuckle padding and replace it with Hayabusa’s patent-pending 3D printed lattices. This technology hopes to better protect fighters during their sparring sessions and give them a more comfortable boxing experience.

A boxer using the T3D gloves during his training session. (Source: Hayabusa)

Since its founding in 2006, Hayabusa has prided itself on using research to develop, test, and manufacture its fighting equipment. The company wants to continually improve its products, and push the combat world forward. This mentality has helped land it a partnership with Marvel and become one of the most sought-after brands in the fighting world.

To stay on top, however, Hayabusa needed to continue innovating. But how do you innovate one of the most simple pieces of equipment in sports? You incorporate 3D printing.

The Hayabusa T3D boxing glove with internal lattice structure showing. (Source: Hayabusa)

Hayabusa chose to upgrade its already popular T3 boxing gloves and replaced the traditional layered foam construct with a 3D printed lattice. The company dubbed its new product the T3D and now has a lattice with thousands of individual struts designed to absorb and disperse the impact of each punch. The lattice is more structurally stable than traditional foam and should maintain its integrity better over time. With this, the fighter gets that “broken-in” feeling from day one and should be better protected during their sparring sessions.

“We are beyond excited to share our T3D Boxing Gloves with the world. This will fundamentally change the industry’s perception of hand protection and comfort. Hayabusa’s patent-pending design took years of research, development, and testing to perfect, and we’re ready to define the next era of performance.” -Ken Clemont, CEO of Hayabusa

It’s exciting to see the athletic space incorporating 3D printing to such a high degree. These boxing gloves show that even the simplest sporting equipment can be innovated, and after this, engineers might be taking second glances to see if there is any equipment they overlooked the first time.

The Hayabusa T3D gloves in the four colorways. (Source: Hayabusa)

If you’re interested in buying a pair yourself, the gloves officially dropped on April 17th and can be found on the Hayabusa website. The gloves come in four colorways and range in weight from 10 to 18 oz.

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